Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby shower menu....

Just a lazy afternoon, that's exactly what I feel...After all this darn scratching and itching...the dr. gave some medicine but it only helps for a little bit...she is convinced I got a rash from the bath soap..and I beleive so , I hadn't itched before I had used it...Well anywho, ran around yesterday with my head cut off. Picking up things for the Baby Shower...I think I have it all planned out well...O gosh I hope so...need to double check...lol...Went to day to make the ribbon for the favors, The last of the things to do.

 ..just need to pick up some Mexican cheese called Queso, and some creama, it's simular to a sour cream..but lighter.
 So my menu is a Mexican soup...called pozole, 
  It  pork meat and Hominy, with chile and you use condiments.
like shredded cabbage, radishes, tomato avocados cilantro oregano white onions...the rest of the menu is a pasta salad which my Vee will make. Green salad with Shrimp....Fried plantains, with crema and re-fried beans...

a Mexican drink with fruit...made from Hibiscus flowers called Jamaica    

 just a couple of photos of the food...when I do the baby shower hopefully I will have time to take photos of everything to share with you...well...I'm off and running again so I hope your week is going well my sweet friends...be back soon..with love Janice


  1. Wow this all looks delicious! It surely will be a nice baby shower with all this yummy food! Have fun and hope you feel better soon! shari

  2. Well, it sounds like you're super busy! Hope the baby shower is lots of fun :)

  3. That looks so wonderful !! Delicious !! I hope the itching will go away fast !!
    have a great day.

  4. Every thing looks so wonderful! Cant wait to hear about the shower!

  5. Happy to know about the baby shower. Went for a bachelor's party organized by my friend at one of the famous San Francisco venues before his wedding. Loved the drinks and snacks served. Dj was also awesome. Planning to book the same one for my brother's cocktail party also.

    1. So strange to get a comments years later.. the baby shower went well and the food turned out great.. and that baby boy is turn five next month... thank you