Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Looking for my own Kindred spirit

Good Morning my friends, I'm feeling a little bit better now. Just trying to adjust to my daughter's leaving and looking for myself. Looking for peace in my heart and of course I'm looking to our Heavenly Father for that. He is the one who can help my bothered soul. So I have been praying for his help. How was your Valentine's Day, Mine was okay I spent it with many wonderful friend, my family on facebook. To me they are my family they are always there when I need them. well the picture on top is my new Tea Pot that I had purchased for the Tea Party...It's so beautiful as you know I love Roses so I splurged and bought this is was 38 dollars and it's Bone China. I don't know if that's too much but to me it was worth it..
It's a large pot. I love it...She has another one that is Pansy's and I'm really considering buying that as well. It's a lovely shop a bit expensive but it's dreamy to me. I found one saucer for one of my Tea cups that didn't have one they are not the same brand but they match perfect...I should had took a picture. But forgive me my mind is so occupied with my daughter.
This is another things that I purchased it's a tiny bird creamer for only five dollars she had bunnies's very sweet,....I mostly got that for the children.
As soon as I calm down a bit, I will resume my Tea Party plans. I have all the things that I purchased. I'm working on being totally alone at home now and it doesn't feel to good. My son says he will move in with me but idk yet he is kind of high strung and I just don't know
Well my dear friends all of a sudden I'm lost for words so I will stop here and be back again. I wish you a lovely pleasant day full of sounds and laughter...with love Janice...


  1. I too live alone and I have found it is something I enjoy very much...I see all my kids and grands on a regular basis and I always have the Lord at my side...I find much peace and contentment in that fact. Of course,I have a little Boston Terrier Duke,he is 13 and quite the old man...he requires much attention :) Blessings

  2. Yes, it can take time to adjust to being at home alone. It will be nice if you have friends/family members to come and visit or you visit them. Just take your time, do the tea party when you feel up to it :)
    The teapot is very pretty, love the rose design on it.
    The little bird creamer is very cute as well.