Saturday, February 4, 2012

Finishing up things for the Tea Party and my blue white doily

Well Good morning, Happy Saturday...Just a photo of my doily dress I made and hung up in the kitchen with some blue and white vintage pots holders..I'm just loving it. Me and Vee went to the dollar store yesterday to see what decorations they had and we found a couple of things some Red Roses I was going to buy some fresh Roses which I probably still will. Nothing like fresh flowers. I did find some gifts things for the games. I found these large Lavender Soaps in pretty boxes and these Lavender Little Flower pots with ribbon running around the pot a Lavender ribbon at that so I thought they would be cute. Going to put the soap inside the pot, I should have gotten some Lavender paper to put inside...humm. I got a huge red heart made with that shinny red tin like the Christmas tree. I'm thinking to hang it on the front door. I also got a package of paper lace rounds for placing the food on the platters and cake rounds etc.
We also went to a new Drug store called Central for are medicine we are switching over to them because Walgreens is no longer accepting our coverage and I wasn't trying to switch anything. They have some adorable things in there o my. I'm going to get in trouble every time I go..They even have Tea Cups can you imagine. Well I saw these cute Minni and Mickey mouse characters to cute..So I bought them for Vee..They are a wee bit expensive though. but that's okay. Isn't he adorable to tiny....
He's sitting on my doily I finished he matched it.

It looks much better in person, you know I only have my phone camera which sometimes takes good pictures and sometimes not. I was going to get a I pad, but didn't and now I'm thinking just to buy a camera and a lap top...instead. Well that's a whole nother story..

Well all finished up. This is one of my favorite patterns It reminds me of a large snow flake specially this white and blue one. Now I need to finish up my beige and Red one with the gold sparkle. Then I will be starting one for a good friend of mine It will be a dress pot holder. Hope I can manage it again... I didn't think to write down what I had did...Just another challenge that's all..well I hope you enjoy your Saturday, I will be taking Mom to Costco's I believe...Happy Saturday dear friends...with much love Janice


  1. Hi Janice,
    Thanks so much for the very nice post. First of all I have to tell you I LOVE the doily dress. I have been collecting these beautiful potholders for years now and am finally going to be able to put them in my new craft room. We have saved up wood and all kinds of building supplies for over four years and my husband is building me a "dream" craft room. It is going to be so nice, I have to pinch myself. I can't believe it's going to be mine, it's so nice! You know, little by little, saving all the materials and money and picking up little things I will need for it, finally it is all coming together. I will be posting about it so you can see it as we build it.
    I have tons of vintage crochet patterns I have collected and my goal is to someday be able to make one of the doily dresses. I can crochet but get confused with patterns sometimes. Go look on Annie's Attic, she has several really sweet vintage potholders patterns that I know you would love. There are six or seven patterns in each one for around eight dollars. You can download it right to the computer. I just love them. Have a wonderful day!

  2. The doily dress is all the blue and white in your kitchen :)
    Sounds like you found sound great things for your tea party, the lavendar soap in the pots will be a really sweet idea.
    Have a nice weekend..

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