Thursday, February 2, 2012

I have such quiet followers? Up Early and Vee's bear plus Tea party news

Good early morning, woke up and my tummy was twisting. So here I'am ready for the day. Well least I'm trying to convince myself I'am at 5.27 am,..I have been a little bit sick with like a head cold stuffy nose thing or sinus idk which or The little bear I found upstairs in the Attic at Mom's house it belongs to Vee, so I brought her home and told her that it was her's, and she wanted to keep her so I had to do a wash up job. She couldn't be thrown in the washer.
So she had been sitting in the bathroom on a basket for several weeks she was one of my things on the to do list. Finally the other day I washed her little soft coat and got a clean cloth to wash her body down. She has such a cute face...
She had a couple of stains on her, but nicely enough The shout worked and took them out and now she is simple clean, though she had to sit in the kitchen on the chair and dry herself before we put back her little coat.
All done and waiting for Vee now....just hanging in the kitchen.
The bottom of my new curtains, I just love them...they look brite and clean.
things on the clean windowsill,
Nice and clean now and new curtains...yippy....

Ten days left before the Tea Party I need to go by the groceries and the ribbon and I'm done. I thought of this last nite, I have pink depression cups and saucers up stairs in the Attic and salad plates to match so I'm going to get them today I have a couple at home already and the pink sugar and creamer to match...I wanted white but I couldn't find everything in white so maybe I will mix and match. I think this weekend I will prepare the dinning table as far as the linens and changing my table cloth. I have a red lace one and a solid pink so I'm thinking to use both some how will see. Plus I have some white lacey place mats. I have to get a box to remove everything off my buffet and move the cabinet I'm sanding out side. I will try this time to take pictures lol. The last time which was my first I forgot I took two and I just forgot cause I had so much to do...But hopefully this will be a more relaxing Tea Party being I have did it once already.,Everyone is excited now. My young grandson told me last nite he want me to bake these turtle pan...It's a Mexican Bread but I don't have the time cause I have to find the recipe in English. It will be a first for my young grandson's to have a Tea Party but my two grandson's who are brother's love to have tea at Grandma's house It's my youngest one who hasn't..
Awe last nite while surfing I found out that at some Tea party's they play games. So I found this one that sounded cute. You have 3 tea pots on a table and each guest gets five tea bags. They have to toss them into the tea pots the one who gets the most or all five wins a prize. I thought it was cute and fun. So guess what we will be doing lol....Well I think that's all for today. I want to go up in the Attic soon as day light comes then off to home..wishing you a lovely day. It's almost the weekend again...the days are flying by...with love Janice.


  1. What part of California do you live in? I grew up in the South Bay area, in Los Angeles County.

    I love tea parties. I know you will have a great time!


    ps - the bear turned out so cute!

  2. Those little blue figurines are so cute, and look very much like the ones that grandma gave to my daughter. Isn't tea time relaxing? I hope that you are feeling better soon, sweetie.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. Hi again Janice,
    I just wanted to give you the link to the patterns in Annie's Attic. She has at least four, probably more sets of patterns that are vintage ones redone, too cute. Hope you enjoy looking!
    My mom was born and raised in SanFrancisco!