Saturday, February 11, 2012

Canceled Tea Party and .....

I had to cancel the Tea Party my daughter up and moved out on me and didn't tell me. When I got home after taking Mom most of her things were gone. Because we had a argument she up and left and now I'm all alone and will have to probably move to a smaller place. I'm a wreck so sorry friends I won't be writing for a while...I don't feel like back soon.........


  1. I am so sorry to hear thoughts are with you. Take care and I hope you will be able to return to writing your posts sometime in the near future..

  2. So sorry for your trouble. Please keep us posted.

  3. im sorry to hear that janice..didnt hear from you..these days but i follow your not on myspace anymore cause it get boring..and well my blog im trying..not worring too much if people dont comment..its just a hobby..dough if you have some tips let me now please..i now you have better things to think about..will be praying for you friend...lean on jesus..and dont worry too much you are a strong woman and God will get you true he is the only one who can help us..i think you now loves for you friend..i care about you..i do...take care ok? and let us now when your feeling much better...loves soraya

  4. Its my first visit to your blog and Im sorry to read your upsetting news. I hope things work out okay for you X