Monday, February 6, 2012

Busy Week Preparing things, Happy Valetines Day!


Good morning, Well I have everything in check, recipes together. etc. I made a schedule yesterday for each day of the week with what I need to do till I get to Saturday afternoon. Trying to be more organized in my head. Hopefully I will follow it which I believe I will. I only have to pick up a couple more things and I will do that today. Hum I just now realized I have no white or clear drinking glasses only blue white with ducks and yellow and green...darn.
ok well I have the pink and red paper cups, But for the main table I wanted glass.. I will have to figure something out . My whole mind is full of everything for the Tea Party. I'm just waking up at Mom's and wanting to drop in to say good morning to you and wish you a great week. I'm sure that I won't have time to stop in at all this week. except maybe for Wednesday Mom has to go to the Dentist... which I'm not looking forward to. she has to get a tooth pulled. I'am a little bit worried about it, because she is older now and it's harder on her they wanted to do that then make her go back the next day for something else and I said no change that. I think she needs at least two days to re coup. Don't you silly people. Sometimes I don't know what some people be thinking.
anyways that's what is going on this week. So I guess I need to get up and be gone. Have to drop off papers this morning and go to the Spice co. to pick up the Lavender. Not sure whether to wait for the groceries till Wednesday and just go back home to start removing the blue things in my
Dinning Room...It's basically the plan for today. Alot will be done today for changing the Dinning Room.

O I almost forgot, I have had a burning passion to do some mosaic tiling and I haven't been able to find any dishes to do so. But some how yesterday looking online for one thing lead to this place and I'm getting these so pretty tiles for 9 dollars. It mite seem a lot but I didn't think so being that the dishes are getting so scarce. I thought they were just wonderful and I'm getting a few other things...yippie so excited about it..... I truly can't wait to receive them. Ok well my dear friends I think I'm off to get started home to take a shower and drop off the papers and then Spice Co...wishing you a lovely day and a great week just encase I don't get back...see you soon..with love Janice...bunch of hugs...



  1. Sounds like you are planning to be busy. Not much doin' here this week. We may get a snow storm Saturday but I don't plan on anything this far ahead. Most times the forecasts fizzle.
    Take Care !!

  2. A busy week indeed! That's a good idea making a schedule, I find it helps with myself when I have a lot of things to tackle (it can be so easy to forget a thing or two that needs doing).
    The mosaic would be lovely, the tiles are really pretty. I don't think the price is that bad either, like you said you would have to try and buy/find some plates of your own (and it seems like such a shame to break perfectly good ones).
    I hope your Mother's dental appointment goes all right.
    Take care

  3. Oh my goodness! You are busy, busy , busy. Planning and working with a schedule saves so much time. Thanks for being an inspiration!
    PS.Your blog is so pretty!

    be back soon,