Monday, February 27, 2012

A great weekend

Helo my friends, I had a good weekend hung out with my sister we went to do our nails and had our toes done...nice feeling to relax. Then she took me to Sizzler's to eat...and yesterday I spent the day re-doing my place hanging all the photos back up as you know I had took them all down cause I thought I had to move because of my daughter...but now that my son is moving in I don't have to...yeah...I been working on the garden its looking really good and If I could just fine some free bricks I'd be really happy..

I been thinking I want to make a apron, I'm going to use the sheet I got from the Goodwill, I think it will be perfect and I have a white pillow case that has some pretty embroidery on the end...I drew the picture yesterday..and left it at home, which always seems to be the case...It's a matter of my brain thinking so many things lol...oops..I came to Mom's to pick up the car because I had left it here on Friday nite. At my place there is not a lot of parking..anyways back to the apron. I want to use the blue and white sheet the Ralph Lauren one
This had a extra flat sheet so I thought why not...well we will see what I can come up with haven't made a Apron since High School, o that sounds terrible... I have so many projects I want to do..I think it's time to make a list and then mark them off as I go maybe I will actually get some done...We had some beautiful weather and Saturday nite it changed to freezin cold and I think we are going to get some rain ... hummm good for the garden rite ... I suppose, I love the rain at times but the last few warm days made me want Spring to be ... I'am grateful that I got the garden all cleaned up. I'm ready to take up the winter vegetables and start my new bed for spring plus I'm making some changes. I'm planting tomatoes in the back of the Yard behind the storage the sun seems to be there all day I moved the strawberries over and made room for two tomato plants. This will be my second year for this garden that needed so much work. And I think it need fertilizing as I'm going to check into that too. Plans for the new week..finish up the house and get that cabinet finished the sanding so I can put a coat of primmer on...Hopefully the rain won't happen ... well a girl can wish rite..

Isn't this little doll adorable, I just ordered me one she is called a blythe doll I found a blog that made dresses for these little ladies I fell in love with it...
They range up to 300.oo and more..older ones I just bought a new version of her for 16.00..She should be here by Wednesday it said ...they have these big eyes not sure about the new ones though...I hope she is so cut like this one...two more days and will see. Well I think that's all for today...
I'm off to go home have a great a fabulous new day...with love Janice


  1. You sound like one busy lady! The sheets for the apron sounds lovely. I can't wait to see it when you have it made! It won't be long to get all of that garden work done! Spring is just around the corner.

  2. What a fun day out with your sister. I do hope your garden goes well. When I was reading about the tomatoes, I thought about my dad, who used to have a garden and he would bring home the most amazing looking tomatoes. There's nothing like home grown tomatoes. Your little doll is so her.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley