Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shopping For Thanksgiving & My Russian Grandma's Recipe

WEll I decided to have Thanksgiving Dinner at my house this year...This large old bowl inspired me. I found in Mom's storage, swear you just need to shop in the house and at the storage...It's a beautiful bowl and in great condition. But it made me think of all the stuffing and the large Tupperware bowl that I have and it barely makes it. lol. But yeah this was my inspiration. I since then have soaked it up in some hot soapy water with a couple drops of bleach to disinfect it. I haven't done Thanksgiving in years...It will just be me and Vee and my oldest daughter and her children...I don't know about my oldest son I will have to ask him. Since my third child has gone to prison we have kind of drifted again. So I think I will ask my oldest son and his family as well. They usually go to his uncles house on their dads side. But I have been writing my list and think I need to finish it up and get moving...I have been some what stuck here at Mom's house so I'm definitely going home today to get it together. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. I'm going to prepare Grandma Mary's stuffing which is simple but tasty...Lets see if I can remember her stuffing ingredients...


Three to four bags stuffing cubes
One pound of hamburger to one and half
One Large onion
One Large carrot or two small
Two or three stalks of celery
One green bell pepper
One large hand full of parsley or if you like more
One can of chopped black olives or chop your own
2 eggs
One can of Evaporated Milk
Poultry seasoning
salt, pepper
Red wine
Take the neck and gizzards from inside of Turkey rinse and boil for broth.
I think this is it...I do have it written down at home though I'm not there.
First chopp all vegetables fine shredd carrots.
I remember she browned the hamburger first and everything separate then set aside. Add a few drops of oil then fry lightly onions set aside, carrots set aside, etc..down the line... add everything to your cubes in large bowl. (my new bowl will be used at this time), mixing and adding Poultry seasoning to taste, salt and pepper and add dots of butter and eggs, I think using the one whole cube of butter, then add evaporated milk mixing throughly...cover and set aside...
Have your Turkey thawed out well and cleaned well taking all insides out saving the neck for broth...washed good. Pat dry and add stuffing in both cavities sew up and cover with linen cloth but in roasting pan in 350 degree oven cook according to the weight pounds you have... Now with the broth that you made start basting with that broth and alternating with red wine, switching every other time...the last half hour remove cloth and make sure its wet before removing otherwise will stick to the skin and ruin it.. and continue to basted till done...Serve with all your trimmings...I can't wait..going to make pumpkin pies with fresh pumpkin because we have one left over from Halloween that Vee didn't use... I need to find a recipe though..

This is not mine of course but it looks good...can't wait what are you going to do this Thanksgiving Holiday ????? Well I will be gone till Friday I think not sure well today is Thursday or maybe till Sunday idk yet...Just depends whats what. lol. well stay tuned I think I got all the ingredients but I will check later and revise it if necessary. Wishing you a grand day today full of love Janice....

My little granddaughter Yuliana...growing so big now...I saw her last Saturday at the storage when I found the bowl...


  1. That's a wonderful bowl and that recipe for stuffing looks divine! I hope you have fun putting together a lovely meal!

  2. Thank you Bernideen, ty for stopping in to visit...have a great day

  3. The bowl was a great find..I am sure it will come in handy. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family! :)