Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weeks almost over...

Mornin, yet another foggy day...And Vee doesn't want to go to school. Why do I have such problems with her...She is 17 and going to be 18 in March. I'm going crazy inside thinking I don't want to do this scene she is to grown...hummm...Well I got my tea and here I'am. I join this site called Food Buzz have you ever heard of it...? I just did it at random. Don't even know the rope on it yet. But I want change, I want to meet different people cause that
Facebook thing I really don't care much for it. The only reason I really have it is for family and a few nice friends. But I'm looking for new and conversation in the things I love and that's cooking. I really want to go home today. Mom has seemed to collected some flea's and my poor Sweetpea is gettin eaten up. But I don't really have money to travel on the bus with Vee for school and she won't come alone. Like now she doesn't want to get up and go...Why me why me..not suppose to say that. Okay so how about if I say Father above please help me with this, because I truly don't have the patience for her to do this. It's what she pulls all the time. Don't have the energy as well..So give me strength and help her to realize she needs to do this for herself..Forgive me of my sins and help me to come great in thought and closer to you. I need strength. In the name of your son Jesus Christ Amen...Did I just pray online I sure did...My blog is everyday life no secrets. I believe in God a million times over. He is my strength my life my guidance everything. He has helped me survive through it all. Though I dislike a lot of things that go on in the world I'm grateful for my life because he gave his only begotten son For us. Can you imagine in your on mind doing that. Giving up your child to save someone..Would you do that??? Most likely not. I'm not perfect but I work at it everyday trying to do what is rite. I have down falls just like everyone... but I don't give up... Well I need to go focus on Vee getting out the door. Don't be surprise if this morning a write a second blog. ...Have a great morning.

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