Monday, August 8, 2011

Mornin ya'll Happy Monday....

Feelin a little bit blue... I don't know why I keep having these days... I think it might be woman issues... I'm still here at Mom's I think I also get depressed in this house. It's so yukie that it just brings me down... I was so suppose to start cleaning downstairs but I was so sore and broken from cleaning my garden the other day I couldn't go down there. Besides I thought my son would help me but he went off to do his thing....I thought of the past last nite...Of a man I truly loved who I spent almost eight years with...He got sicken by using drugs. And he would call on a lot of occasion but never speak. And he stopped calling so now I don't know if he is okay or something happened to him... Even though I broke the relationship off it's been four years now. I loved him very much... I think he's part of why I got so sick with the panic attacks. It's been quite inside me and I thought I was okay about him...but last nite it surfaced up...well there's nothing I can do..and there is nothing that I would do...I will be okay I think it's just more of a wonderment if he is still here or if did he leave back to Mexico finally. Or if he is okay..well back to life. As you can see I'm still here. I will be going home for sure today. I need to look for a new school for Vee, she has been going to Independent Studies for along time now..But the city isn't working out so good for her. So that's my agenda to find a better full time continuation school so she can build her credits up and graduate and get on with a job etc... I tried looking for this number online and couldn't find it..That is the thing about looking online you get fifty things for the same. So I'm hoping the 411 I can get it. I worked a little bit more on my new dollie and it's getting bigger. I dreamed about making a runner for my coffee table in the beige and burgundy colors like I did the stars. So I think after I finish this that's what I will do... O and there's a few recipe's I want to try. I have in mind to start preparing for a recipe book. I have a few things already in line for it. I was thinking the title should be. Recipes that I love for you. Because some will be mine and the others will be ones that I have found among others and I like them...Maybe you can give a Idea...

My fingers are so sore. I must have arthritis beside carpal tunnel as well. Last nite I had shooting pans going up my wrist. It hurt like crazy. But this morning they are just sore and painful. I know that's not how to spell it but I can't think on the correct spelling funny how when ya get older you lose it, your spelling ability that is. Though it has improved since my blog posting.
Well I'm thinking to get home today, tomorrow is Vee therapy and I'm thinking to come back even though I don't really want to but to get into that downstairs and get cleaning. It's less confusion going on. My nephew left yesterday and my oldest son is gone. So maybe I can start it. We will see. Wishing you a grand day today..It's ugly foggy again here...Enjoy your day ...hugs


  1. Hi Janice,

    Have a safe journey home! It sounds like you have quite a bit going on. I know what being sore is like from gardening and I pray I never get carpal tunnel as I type for a living. Even though someone is no longer in your life we still think and wonder about them. A part of the healing process. I like the name of your new recipe book! Hugs to you.

  2. O thank you Donna..happy Monday to you.

  3. Hi Janice, Just wondering if and/or why you deleted me on Facebook? Hope you are well. Sincerely,Catherine

  4. Catherine I didn't delete you..I just shut my profile off for a min..I needed a short break