Thursday, August 18, 2011

just blank.,,,,,,,,,,

Results of not going to school in our house hold and not applying ourself.

1. We lose part of our money, which cause issues for some of the tiny pleasures we do have like our phones.
2. And it may cause issues for the tiny little things that are necessary.
3. We may even lose our place to live.
4. And end up having to live here at 805 Wisconsin. St. which I don’t care to do.
5. You will definitely lose your child support at 18 instead of trying to get it a year longer while your attending school
6. Our life that we are trying to build will surely collapse.

We are trying to climb the ladder instead to go down it. each foot that I put forward you should be able to put one as well. For us to become stronger women we have to accommodate that. If you want to be on your own..okay. but I think two strong women fighting together is a better deal. What is your opinion of this. I know we spend an amount of time here..but we have the freedom and choice to go home to our clean quite house and do as we please. And we don’t have to listen to other people garbage. So unfortunately we can not just sit there and say we don’t care and forget It and who gives a dam. Let me rid me of my life. NO! I’m not going to take the easy way out I won’t give people the pleasure of that nor the devil for that matter. I was given a gift of life, It may not be the best but it could be worst. I won’t allow him to dictate to me. I will stand tall and take control of me and my life. Yes I will have down falls and pit stops and doors slam in my face. But that won’t stop me, I won’t let it. till the last day that I lose my breath for ever I will fight to do what’s rite. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I want to be me. I’am me Janice Louise Corona. A fifty three year old woman who has survived many things and I’m still standing, breathing and pushing forward not fighting but standing up for me…The beautiful woman that I’am. So can you please do the same and try to find the road. It isn’t easy but it rewarding because you learn who you are. Learning who you are is a process of life’s experiences and with that comes wisdom. Yes I need help at times and that’s okay. But I have trust in the Father above…If I didn’t I wouldn’t be here today.
If the above becomes a reality then I will deal with it. but it won’t be easy it will be another challenge in my life. I’m strong and I can do this though. So one day at a time. I want you to shine. Maybe it’s harder for you. Maybe I just understand more now. I want to be there for you I’m just not sure how. If you tell me, then I will know so can you just let me know. I’m here always sometimes in not the best way. But you know before I can be your friend, I’m your mother. The woman who carried you for nine long months, the woman who bared the terrific pain. The one who watched you grow.
The woman who watched you fall helped you get up and go. Yes we had hard times. But I’m here I’m here now to fix all the difficulties as much as I can. But I need your help!


  1. thanks for the visit today, to answer your question, I got the foam dress form off of ebay, she had the cover on her, I just tea stained it and glued the lace on, there already was a hole in the bottom for a pole.

  2. Thank you sTefanie, it's so wonderful...

  3. Hi Janice! Thanks for your visit and comment. I hope you get a little joy looking for beauty online during your day. You have a very expressive writing style. Your blog is very true and heartfelt, and it reads that way. I've raised teens, and one of them was a daughter, and they are all fine people. I love them so much. But all teens are hard to deal with. You have good advice for your girl. I hope she listens to you.

  4. Me too Jacqueline me too..
    God bless and thank you for stopping by...

  5. What a beautiful blog!! I am your new follower!!
    Thank you for stopping by mine.
    In answer to your question about the Days of the Week towels I use. I purchased this set several years ago from Kmart. This was when Martha Stewart was part of their promotions. These are actually of the brand "Martha Steward Everyday Home Collection". There were 2 different styles.
    Good Luck!!