Friday, August 26, 2011

Crazy things...

Mornin, okay Yesterday was crazy, bad news we got around 10 p.m. A close friend of the family came down the street to tell me her baby brother had died. Her and her daughter and her daughter's friend. At first I was like who's at the door. It was kind of weird at first. When I opened the door, I was like what is she doing her so late with her daughter..when I walked down the first few stairs she leaned over and told me that. I was like what did you say. the my baby brother part didn't make sense to me. Life is so strange..Her brother was something else..I remember when he was young he was a very handsome man. blonde hair tall and slender..but his attitude wasn't the hotest. He has given her a bad time for a long time. She had problems mentally. she has to take medication. I just couldn't believe it. I still can't, death is such a strange thing as well. hard to accept and cope with. Well now she will be all alone in their family house. I hope she will be okay and take her medicine. because there has been times in the past she stopped and flipped out..even though he was a jerk at times he took care of her... well R.I.P Bill Poppin...Life is so short and most don't realize how short it is. I can't wait till the world changes and the Father above makes the life the way he originally attended.

So the next thing that was. Victoria, went out with friends and got stinkin drunk. I had to call for an ambulance because she well I didn't know if she had took something else because she started jerking, her body...My kids are going to be the death of me yet... so she spent the nite at the hospital I spent the night alone worrying and nerves and trying not to panic...then when I went to pick her up at the hospital there was a car in the middle of the hospital grounds at the emergency all shot up ... then when I got closer to my house the other side of the street was all blocked up with cars and bullets on the floor..yesterday was a crazy day...This world is slowly falling apart...I was suppose to go to church but I was so tired I couldn't have. Today I have to take Mom to see the doctor. First time I will be going without Vee...well the good from it was that I did stay alone at home and I drove to Mom's house alone..Plus for me. this morning I feel nerves though. ..
What are you going to be doing today???? It's fogged out outside..going to make a hot cup of tea..maybe it will help me relax. I'm still tired. O I just remembered I have to wash the pot out...the kitty Sprinkles was sticking her paw in it..
Because it's near the dryer...they have a bed on the dryer next to the little counter near the stove...she likes to stick her paws in the water they both do..they do it to their water bowl. They definitely are strange cats..hummmm
Are you ready for some hot tea to warm your soul....?
Maybe I can convince Mom to lets go to the Good Will today...I need to do something to break down my mind and relax. I sure miss Savers Thrift store, It was surely our favorite place to go...There is one down south but It's hard for Mom and me to want to drive far..It's like 25 mins of a drive..Hey maybe I should tell her lets go to the Thrifttown down on Mission sT. We haven't been there in ages. I used to love it there...Hummmm maybe.

O and I have a new follower, thank you gardenofdaisys...I appreciate it very much.

O and before I forget things didn't work out with me and Ben...He has a not so good attitude underneath...I suppose that's why you need to take you time and search people out...I never met him in person so that was good. It was kind of a strange thing anyways..Well it's Friday and I don't know whether I want to go home today or stay...maybe I will stay and get my self to get down stairs and start in...Vee kind of messed things up threw me off...But she is going to go to school that's good rite. I haven't really said to much to her. I don't want to say the wrong things...She did ask me if I was mad at her when I went to pick her up...I said no just hurt inside because I thought that you understood you can't drink at all...and I thought we were on the rite track...Well I guess that's all. I need to get her up and get myself ready as well...busy morning. Though It's that time of the month and I don't feel like doing anything but laying in that's funny I never do that...Have a very wonderful day be safe...See you later with love!!!


  1. So sorry for the loss of your neighbor. It must be very hard for their family. I know you must be very worried about your daughter too. Sometimes kids made decisions that are not the best and we have to hope and pray that they will come through it. Just be there for her and support her. She needs to know how much she is loved, especially when she does things you might not like. Sounds like you have had a very tough week and need to do something nice for yourself this weekend. Sit down to a nice cup of tea in a pretty cup, or put soe flowers in a vase just for you. Little things can brighten you world. Sending you hugs.