Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dreaming...Of Pyrex and Turquiose.

Ok well I went to sleep dreaming of Pyrex and Turquoise...hummm crazy huh..and I woke up thinking the same I been trying to figure out what to do with my bedroom. I'm not satisfied with it. So I have had these to old dresser drawers staring at me now for a couple of months I keep saying I'm going to paint them white. but the weather's been so bad I haven't. I don't have enough room in the storage to paint them so therefore I need to do in outside. but anyways..I had recently found this lite turquoise duvet cover with lite pink roses..It's brand new for 13 dollars it has two shams and was all folded up in a matching bag with buttons..So I think with all the turquoise I saw last nite I will try this in my room and with white. Then I saw some Green Pyrex that made me think I want to collect green for some odd reason.. I have much turquoise pieces and a few blue n white yellow and pink with white. But something about the green made me
So this morning I'm going upstairs in the attic where I have some things stored and look for my white linens and I have a couple of dolls with blue and turquoise colors in the clothes and whatever else..O I have this fifties turquoise lamp but Idk if it will fit in..but I'm thinking to take it home anyways and put it in my dinning I have gone mad. I lost a few things when I moved before I had some boxes stacked in Mom's hallway and I think my younger son threw some of it away because when I looked through them things were missing..darn boy don't know what he was thinking of...anyways don't want to dwell on that. I want to do my vision I have for my room..I need a truck though to bring this other wrought iron bed frame over to my house and this other cabinet I been wanting to bring. And I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to paint those dressers. hummmmmmmmmmm!

My inspiration ... I saw a whole bunch of photos from this blog. O darn I forgot the name. I couldn't add it though there are some blogs you can't follow it's weird I don't understand it all but I guess in time. My cover is lite not dark but just the same maybe this will be the color to make my room better. I have tried some many things in the almost year I have been but can't find what looks nice. So I pray this will be it to satisfy my soul...

It was turquoise something, the blog...terrible thing my memory. sorry.
I wish they would bring back phones like this..I remember talking to my first boyfriend on this same color phone up on the wall in Mom's kitchen..Her kitchen was and still is in part white with turquoise trim..well in only one part left. It's along story to be told one day in the future maybe.

Look at this brite room..I love it...if I had the money I would do this to I think don't you..

Turquoise just seems to be the color at the moment...and green Pyrex...Wishing you a lovely Saturday my friends...may you find a good dream...Enjoy you day.. with love Janice

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