Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well, it's going to be a beautiful day..we got up got ready and walked to the bus stop..it's so wonderful out the sun was already shinning and it just felt great. Vee got home and did her homework last nite...which was great to my surprise. I think we are on the rite foot. Today I didn't have to stay. She has found a friend who is also new to the school so I'm grateful for that. maybe later she will catch the bus a few days alone..will see. Don't want to push to fast. It's a great challenge for me as well I wasn't nerves this morning. Which was great. the walking was a little bit tough this morning though. my legs were a little bit sore. so instead to walk all the way to Mom's this morning I called my son to get me...So tomorrow I will try to walk all the way... I used to walk a distance every other day before I got sick. But like my youngest son said Mom remember you used to walk all the time..you need to do that again it's good for you...so cute...I said I'm trying to build me back up...well last nite after putting out the cans for garbage day I water the garden..darn cat's coming and pooping in the garden..made me mad. If one thing I hate is cat poop..in the garden. Yuk...any how. I went inside and cooked dinner for us..then cleaned up and sat down and watched a little bit television and of crocheted. trying to finish up my red white and blue doily...I thought I would be tired totally but I actually wasn't to bad. This morning I didn't really want to get up..You got to figure I get up early but don't go any where lot of difference..so here's my doily comin along...
Boy now AOL. is not working...if it's not one it's the other...darn it...okay well guess I won't show you my pictures... lol I wish you a most wonderful day today...hugs..

Lol well AOL came back...so here is that doily again...not sure what I really want to do with it...

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