Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Grand Sunday morning...Inspired by bloggers

I found a amazing blog this morning written by a young lady from Georgia...named Mia. "Aspiring Homemaker" is the name of her blog. Her button is below. It was a divine place to was warm and cozy...So inspiring to see a young woman with such desire and know how and just everything about her writing and photos were great. Her passion for life is just amazing. There is another blog site that was most wonderful, another young woman. Her blog site is Blessed Femina. Another talented young lady. I'm so very happy I found their blogs to help me learn more about God and many other things. We are never to old to learn. never..Well I'm still here at Mom's and I believe I'm going home today...I can't wait to go home and see my garden. It is a passion to watch the development. I want to do so many more things to my garden but I have to wait for the money to do it. I have gotten some things from moms house that were mine,but are in need of more items...meaning more brick and brick pieces with scalloped flat edges and I think some concrete brick large. I'm just so over whelmed by Mia's blog...It's is such a pleasure to see such pleasantness in a young woman and a encouraged young woman with so much love for life.... I hope she comes back soon to write more.

Write to me...I have only had a few responses to my blog writings. I'm not the best blogger in town but I'm just learning..and I'm just being real and writing about life in general. O the sun is pepping out coming through the back door. I'm having my tea with honey and cream this morning and one of my sweet potato biscuits they are truly divine... the recipe is below and I hope that you try to make them...I wish you would leave a comment and let me know you have been here...You don't have to say anything spectacular..
I forgot to tell you yesterday the biscuits are a recipe I found about a month ago while searching recipes on the internet. It was a southern site and it reported that these were recipes from the civil war era... I checked other recipes yesterday out of curiosity and I only found one other that was similar but most were totally different...These seem to be the best in will be in my recipe book...

Believing in ones self has to be...Otherwise you won't accomplish much in life. Believing that you can do the things you dream about is important.. I have many dreams and have always thought in many ways I couldn't do them. This cook book will be a challenge for me and a process to help myself maintain a better level with my challenging panic attacks...It will keep my mind busy so that I don't dwell on the panic...

I wanted to share this photo with you, these are my dishes that I collected for years... it is fairly complete the only thing that it is lacking to my knowledge is a sugar bowl..last year I found the creamer but not the sugar bowl...I don't know if it has anything else. I have the dinner plates, salad plates, cereal bowls and the tiny side bowls. I also have the soup bowls and large serving bowls and several platters.. tea cups and saucers and now the creamer so if you happen to see the sugar bowl get it for me and let me I'm truly serious...I would gladly pay you for it.

My mind is busy working on projects one of which I'm thinking is to have a monthly gathering with the women of the family to sew or crochet of whatever they want to do. My granddaughters are so interested in learning to sew and all that and my daughter in law thinks it will be good as well..Winter will be here before we know it and it will keep us busy..I'm thinking to make many doilies and sell them later when summer returns. I really need a camera and a sewing machine. I had an old one I got off the truck when dad was alive, but my Mom put it somewhere down stairs she claims and I haven't been able to retrieve needed some work but it was beautiful the color of it was turquoise..O well maybe one day..for now I have this tiny one.

"The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength.You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring." Isaiah 58:11

A nice cup of flowers and a lovely quote that I found...from I think Blessed Femina blog..thank you...I wish you a lovely day today...Enjoy all of our Gifts from God and take care of what he has givin to us...Be Blessed


  1. Hi im just writing cause i read you post.. well i answer i go on the few people i have and leave a comment but no one comes and leave one on me or follow me... so if for december no one really interested ill close the blog..doesnt make any sense i keep writing just for people to read and never say anything.. my husband told me to stop..go ahead.. janice you have inspiration.. good luck busy with church and other things..God bless you... loves soraya

  2. well I came by but you haven't written anything to read...I'm glad you came by though...hugs my friend..
    It's up to you to stay on with your blog or not..only you know...Love ya..