Monday, August 22, 2011

Mornin, mornin..(excited)

So Excited we went to school this morning. . . WE DID IT...SO SO HAPPY. I spent an hour in class with her and I left going back for lunch though to bring her so food. Well then she should stay till 2:40.. So let pray that this is on it's way. The other good news was she went to church with me. I was totally shocked but very happy she went with me...It was a great weekend. Last nite I finished up my doily and put my pillow together..It had been sitting inside a bag, so two things done. going to work on the red white and blue doily and finish that up. Before I start another project.

I'm making squares to make a blanket as well...just a small one throw one... just to have when you sit on the couch sometimes it gets cold in my Living Room.

O my and I almost forgot I went on a baking made Zucchini Bread using my Zucchini from the garden. Then I made Strawberry Scones cause I had some left over Strawberries...and the last thing that I made was some Lemon Thyme cookies...o my they are wonderful...

Well I just thought I'd share with you that Vee went to school and the few things I accomplished over the weekend like us going to Church. I had been trying to get there for 9 months now..and with God's help and much much prayer I finally made it. So I wish you a wonderful day today...with love...


  1. All your goodies look yummy!! I too have some zuchinni I must use up.
    So glad things are working out with school etc.... Love your crocheting. As you know from my blog I am crazy for crochet!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  2. Your doilies look lovely! And the breads look delicious!