Friday, August 12, 2011

Garden Photos....Post two...

I found these two wrought iron pieces, I believe they are gate I thought humm, why can't I use these for my snow peas...Of coarse...One is really rusted though and I don't know whether to paint them for now I suppose I will leave them like this... They look so cute in person.

This is the back of the garden that was full of junk and Chayote vines covered parsley has gone mad it's huge..I keep plucking it I think I can freeze it. I remember before several years ago I had a bunch of plants and my second Mom used to want it to freeze. I have on the end a slit of a rose plant that is working well there. My parsley then two strawberries a hydrangea that I had in a planter it's taking a minute to grow. but I think it's finally catching on. then another strawberry, a sun flower then my asparagus plant a bell pepper and another asparagus then I'm going to put another pink rose bush I have in a large pot. I was holding off on that because I wanted to be sure I wasn't moving again.

My old strawberries, from my garden at Mom's it's all I have left like four plants..she let the rest all die... When I think of all the money I spend to fix that garden and now it looks like crap and all the grass died there are just my sad these folks are here..o well I have a new challenge now. These are nice strawberries as you can see they have a nice shape. The new ones i got are deformed little things, though they are making shoots everywhere..well they made a second set of strawberries that don't look as bad lol...maybe they will get better. this garden is weird. My cucumber's keep getting stuck. they won't grow. Maybe I need something in the dirt. Who knows.

O and I just had to show you this is the fig tree from next store. It's hanging a big part over in my garden. It is full of figs, and I can't wait to get some. There are some recipes I want to try. It's a cold ugly morning out side foggy and windy..the sun is on the bay though.

WEll I guess that's it for today....Two blog post just for you... I hope all is well with you my friend...God bless...with Love...



  1. Hello again Janice!
    Looks like your gardens are coming along nicely. Too bad about your Mom's strawberries but at least you saved a few plants and they'll make you more next year. I bet your roses do well where you live. I hope the weather cleared up...enjoy your weekend!
    Maura :)

  2. Leave the iron pieces rusty! They look so good that way! If the mood ever strikes you can make a "rust print" out of the gate onto a cotton fabric and have a neat art project as well!

  3. Thank you ladies for stopping by..and leaving a comment it is truly appreciated..