Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Good morning there, doesn't seem like my blog is doing so good. No one hardly says boo! O well I guess I just have to talk to myself. It's more for myself anyways. A place I can vent. Well good news ... I just dropped Vee off this morning did even have to enter the school...Each day is getting better. I'm ever so grateful... Awe and this morning... I'm totally broke rite not but seriously a few nickles No money in the bank.. nothing..I was looking for my silver chain and when I pulled it out attached was 15.00 dollars folded up...Amazing..God is so good. I was thinking I'm totally broke and we have several days till the first of the month. So happy was I. It just made me think that God has never left me with no way to survive. I trust in him completely. Thank You Jehovah God for being there for me always...and the patience you have for me.
Here is another part of my garden, I added a couple of new plants and a tiny fairy...I wish I could do more but Money money is the key...But it does look much better than when I first moved in...
this week I'm just taking it easy tomorrow Vee has a doctor's appointment and Mom on Friday. I want to spend the weekend at home doing nothing really just hanging out. It's been a tough week getting settle in to school and getting up and going..Though it really feels good to be okay with my panic and get out there. Last night I have three large chicken wings and I didn't know what to do with them so I thought humm...and went into the garden picked some Zucchini and a stem of parsley.
I ended up making like a spaghetti sauce. I washed and cut the chicken into two pieces. salt and peppered them. then fried them just to brown them. then I added some cut carrots some chopped garlic, let if fry for a couple mins. then added some crushed tomato about half of can some water some fresh Rosemary chopped and the parsley and a small amount of menudo spice..It is oregano with some red chili flakes dried garlic etc....Later added the Zucchini in bite sizes. make some spaghetti and wha was great..

Enjoy your day....

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