Saturday, August 13, 2011

The 5:58 a.m. Post

Good Morning dear friends, I up at the crack of dawn at Mom's sitting here in the kitchen thinking do I want to make my cup of tea early or wait a while..SweetPea is messing with Isabella...the cat. And it's fogged out over the can barely see some ships and like a few lites across to Oakland... I didn't watch the news so I don't know what the weather will be like... I suppose in a little bit I will make these sweet potato biscuits ... I was going to make them the other day only to find I didn't have no more self rising flower did you catch that...flower suppose to flour..I must not be awake yet lol... that was the gone craZy cooking aren't these little ducks cute? If I had a place I would definitely have some ducks... They remind me of my grandma Strider... I found a picture of her the other day with my Uncle and Aunt Ann..who I haven't seen in years. I want so much to go see them but because of my panic I don't think I can do it. I get worried..O how I hate it. well I guess the best next thing is to write them or call them. rite. My panic made me in a such a state that I just pushed all things away. terrible. well enough of that. My oldest daughter is coming today. And I'm very excited that she is. We used to live rite next door to each other well an apt. building away. She is still across the bay now but closer.
I thought I would share some photos that I found that I liked. . .

What are your plans for today? I will be going home. Mom's house is to cluttered. I would love to go to the Savers down in Redwood City, that's where we used to go here but they closed it down. O no don't tell me the picture loader isn't working again..YUK.. I hate when it does this..It spoils my whole post.........dam it.
Nope nothing..not going to work..well here where I go make my tea and log out and try to come rite back.

Okay well I logged out and came back and it's still on the blink...what can I say I have no clue why it does this. does it happen to anyone else. I'm thinking that it is the thing that when I preview my post it goes wacky do...Well I wish you a wonderful Saturday filled with love and joy peace and happiness...with much love.
I found some wonderful new blogs today...

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