Monday, August 29, 2011

Mornin and Good Mornin....

WEll I believe we are off to a great start this Monday morning, Vee got up and even though she was tired, she said, she had a good attitude and got ready for school. That's a plus for me. I dropped her off and I'm of course at Mom's. In a little while I will go down stairs and start in. Cleaning that is. I figure just a little bit at at time and not to over do it I will get things done. I really want to find Mom's China that Dad sent from Japan and bring it home don't know where I'm putting it but I want to use it before we both die...terrible but true! I want to have a dinner and have her over and use those dishes...Sounds good to me...
Last night I was crocheting and I thought, humm with this pattern that I use for the star doily why can't I made ornaments for the Christmas tree?
This is not a great Picture. but this is the general idea. I'm going to do one in red if I'm not to tired tonight. and she what else I can do around it..
The garden is finally doing better well lol the new seeds helped..Listening to Mom o they are still good...Nope they weren't any good..the new seeds just popped rite up.

The radishes and carrots and lettuce and finally some green onions...Well my Swiss Chard took off along time ago and is now producing well. I have plucked it about five times now and it's ready again..I picked a few last nite to put into my Ramen noodles that I normally don't eat but it was to late when we got home to defrost last resort.

The cherry tomato plant went crazy up the fence and drowned the reg tomato one...hum.

The AOL is lagging this morning. I can't get my pictures..darn if it's not the AOL it's the thingy on here won't work...Take a deep breath.

My Fushia plant I almost didn't think it was going to bloom this year. But it did, It's not as healthy as it was but I'm thinking maybe I should move it to a different location in the garden.

My old strawberries are doing great..they are already making new babies...I took a few big strawberries off them yesterday...stuck them in the freezer.

My sweetpea and my new Rose Plant..I finally put it into the ground.

Well last my cosmos...they were there when I moved in. Stuck inside this little pot. So I took them out and planted them and they blew up...they are lite purple and sun flowers are finally growing they will be finished before fall comes.

Lastly my lastest part of the garden that I been working on. . . I have a lot more to do. but time and money...Well my sweet friends. I wish you a fabulous Monday's off to the downstairs...


  1. Beautiful Blog Janice <3 <3 <3

  2. Your garden looks great! Don't you love being able to go and pluck fresh items from it?

  3. Thanks for paying my blog a visit :) I like the crochet star pattern, I think that would make lovely Christmas tree decorations. Your garden is looking great..nothing beats fresh home grown veggies. I am growing a lot of the same things that you are :) I have swiss chard in my garden as sure does keep growing! Happy Gardening :)