Monday, December 14, 2015

Parcel has arrived Yay...


    O my however exciting it is when a box arrives...  I had forgotten about finally paying off my Brambly Hedge teapot...  And that it would be soon on it's way...  Ms Jane Cory was so wonderful taking payment from me all the way in the United Kingdom...  I had been forever wanting this teapot but they were always like  $250.00  on ebay.. 
  Extremely expensive...  I believe hers was priced $150.00...  Amazinly she allowed me to make payment however I wished...  Sometimes in this world you can still find a kind soul and Jane is definitely one, so Thank you very much Jane for your kindness...  I now own my Brambly Hedge adorable teapot...  
      It's so sweet...  All the little mice of Brambly Hedge are so adorable...  I wished I owned their 
Little tree stump that they live in...

      Mrs.  Poppy Eyebright, she's quite the lady...
      Ready for tea you say...  Let me put the kettle on and tea shall be served soon...
      And dear Mr.  Apple will join us as well...  You are welcome to...
      O my, Mr. Apple what are you doing in the teacup, that is for our company...  You must step out of there...
      This is our lovely Winter teacup and saucer, just for you...
      And our Autumn teacup is for others who care to join us...
      We have a Summer beaker as well...
      So many things we are going to have at our sweet tea party...  we will have tea and lovely cakes and scones and cookies...  And tiny little tea sandwiches made of everything nice...  O i can't wait to 
Get started...  It is Winter so will will have to start a fire so we won't be cold and everyone will be toasty and warm...  And we can all gather around the fire and eat and chat...   Lets get started...

So lovely, I can smell the cakes baking in the oven...  Soon they will be done and we can bake the cookies...  And while they are baking you can help me make the tea sandwiches,   O my we are so busy...  
      See you soon for tea and cakes...         with love
Janice...        Happy Monday...

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                            THANK YOU.....



  1. Adorabile la teiera!E che dire delle tazze!Mi piace tutto!Cosa c'è di più bello di stare in cucina con l'odore dei biscotti!Baci,Rosetta

  2. How wonderful you were able to pay instalments on the tea pot, it is beautiful. You have an amazing collection, it would be brilliant to visit for afternoon tea.

  3. Hi Janice, you purchased the sweetest teapot. What a beautiful and special collection you have. How kind you were able to pay it off a little at a time. What a wonderful thing for the seller to let you do. Enjoy and wishing you a very Merry Christmas.xo

  4. Oh, Janice, I love Brambly Hedge pieces! Another blogger friend also collects them. I never ever see them around here but I am so enamoured by them. Each piece is so darling and I'm thrilled for you that you got the teapot. What a treasure! It's wonderful that your seller allowed you to pay in installments too. What fun you will have setting your tea table with these. Wish I could join you. Thank you for the smile today. Yes, Brambly hedge always makes me smile. Enjoy your week.

    Christmas blessings,

  5. Janice - you always amaze me with your creative posts. I am so happy that you got that special teapot. It is always so exciting when we get something we just adore and dream about and then it comes true! I do understand that. I am so glad you shared your pretty post and hope you have a wonderful week! The figurines are darling with it and the cups and saucers.

  6. So sweet!! Adorable figurines, and I love all of your wonderful blue and white!

  7. CUTE!!! So glad that your waiting paid off and now you have a BH teapot to call your very own.

  8. Hi Janice,
    Oh this is so sweet! Love your new dear teapot! It is so expensive but what a treasure. I hope I do hope that I see the pretty teapot again on your blog at Easter time and other special days. It really is wonderful to look at! Your teacups and bunny figurines are very sweet. Happy Tea Day My friend! Karen

  9. I love the Brambley Hedge line, I gave some to my daughter for a birthday many years ago. I think I gave her a second piece a few years later as well.


  10. Oh how wonderful it would be to sit down for a tea party with you and pour tea from that gorgeous Brambly Hedge teapot, sipping from a pretty tea cup. I have over the years been in possession of the Brambly Hedge mugs....but alas they have been broken. I guess that happens when they are oft used and enjoyed. What a lovely lady to allow you to pay instalments. You have the most beautiful collection.

  11. Your new tea pot is adorable. Oh and all the little mice I am at aww with so much cuteness.
    Thank you sew much for your kind words on my blog. I am sorry I have a new computer and no longer have your email address.
    Merry Christmas

  12. How wonderful! I love Brambly Hedge and I don't have a piece ... I keep looking, but never find any at the thrift shops. Good for you and just in time for Christmas!

  13. Hello Janice, you have a beautiful blog! I love your Brambly Hedge tea pot. That is just so adorable! I have always loved this pattern. Your tea cups are just as sweet. I would love to find one of those some day.
    How wonderful the seller was so accommodating! Yay!

  14. This is the sweetest teapot i' ve never seen! Wonderful collection of tea cups.

  15. All your pictures are just delightful! So glad you got your cute teapot Janice! Enjoy your tea party!!

    Blessings from Arizona,

  16. Oh Janice, how wonderful that your teapot is with you at long last!! I know you will treasure it forever! You've seen such a delightful tea with your sweet figurines and the beautiful teacups. I adore Brambly Hedge, but don't own any. The detail is just so precious. Thanks for sharing your wonderful treasures and fun teatime with us.

  17. Oh my gosh, how beautiful and fun!! Glad you finally got your teapot. It's always fun to get a package in the mail, even if you did pay for it. Ha! That is a special collection you have there. I love looking at all the detail.