Friday, December 4, 2015

Helo, I'm back

      Good morning everyone, I'm here...   I enjoyed my little break but I have also missed everyone...   I want to take this time to thank everyone for their kindness and warm thoughts it was very nice of you...
     I thought that I would share my December Royal Albert teacup with you...  It's so pretty, I purchased it from esty shop from a woman at the most lowest price she said it was messed up on the bottom but I bought it anyways...
But all it had wrong with it was just some discoloration...  So I'm very grateful for the barely money I paid...
      So lets have some tea...  I set the tea tray on the coffee table
     A tiny bouquet of tiny flower from the Garden 
     Put some pretty doilies...

     The flowers are so pretty around and in the cup...
      Pink blossoms and Red Burgundy berries holly leaves... Just pretty...
      Some little golden picture frames with ribbon that I found last year from the good will...  These are for one day at Mamas house...
                 ... HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYONE ...
       And for the occasion, a Swiss Apple Pie... Very simple and tasty...

      Thats all for now wishing you a lovely enchanting weekend full of love...   And may God bless you...

     With love...     Janice
      Ps....     Your piece. With whip cream
                                Bye now....


  1. I have the very same cup and saucer and love it, a great tribute to a beautiful set. Hope you are feeling a little better, the pie looked delicious.

  2. Welcome back! Your tea cup is fabulous and your pictures are very sweet as usual. Happy december to you

  3. What a beautiful cup! And thanks for the piece of have a lovely blog here and I shall enjoy stopping by....


  4. Thank you for visiting my li'l corner of the world, Janice because that means I have visited your lovely blog. Oh my, your 'place' is beautiful. All those gorgeous crochet pretties and the pretty china and the sweet are a girl after my own heart. I am so sad to read of the passing of your mum, how horrible for you. The passing of one's mum is truly one of the hardest things in life to bear. Over this coming week I am going to sink into a comfy sofa, sip a cup of tea from a pretty fine bone china teacup and visit your lovely place. 'Tis a pleasure to meet you. Sending you hugs xx

  5. My dear, sweet Janice, what a beautiful post :) How I would love to have tea and pie with you - what a delight that would be!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your little break and it's a blessing to have you back. Love and hugs!

  6. Bella le tua tazza-mese!Ancheio le ho!Mi piace come hai disposto gli oggetti e il bel centrino rosa!Buona la torta di mele!Baci,Rosetta

  7. So glad to find you back Janice. I missed all your delightful pictures of beauty and tea things. Glad you are feeling better.
    Blessings from Arizona,

  8. Missed you. So glad to see you're back. That's a pretty new teacup, perfect for the Christmas season. Love that pink and white doily! Hope you're having a nice weekend.

  9. A lovely tree tray setting. I think the pink goes so nicely with the teacup. You do this so nicely. Glad to see you back, enjoy the rest of your week.


  10. Whoops, I meant to say 'tea tray setting' lol.