Monday, December 28, 2015

It's Monday again

        It's Monday morning as we all know and love...   I can't believe another new year is about to be, can you...  I honestly don't know where all the days went...  They, well most of them just seem all mushed together...  Well I nad made a wonderful Chocolate cake with peppermint frosting the other day, found in Victoria magazine... Christmas one 2015...  Everyone just loved it, they ate it all up gone 24 hr. Period...  I really wanted to make these lovely marshmellows as well posted in her magazine but did not have the chance...   the cake was so simple and to my surprise at the end you add a  cup of  hot water which thinned the batter out...  My thought was I don't know seems so thin...  But it was the most wonderful light and airy cake ever that I have tasted in my life.. Honest...   My post is a bit long today so I could not post the recipe but you can find it easily in the Victoria magazine if interested...
        I had a wonderful time making it the frosting had to be cooked over a double boiler then beated 
To loveliness...  I didnt have sugared mint leaves so I just used some apple mint ones from the garden...  I had some chocolate ones but the leaves where to small just coming up...

        I took it all over to my Mamas house where my daughter son and a few of my grandchildren were and I frosted it there and decorated there...  I also made some little Apricot galettes ... From a past Christmas Victoria magazine...  Well last year 2014...  They were great
        I added some white chocolate to them...   Loved them...  I spent the rest of the weekend doing some more crocheting finishing up some doilies I had started then made two more small ones...
        This is a re make of a vintage doily in Cream and a lovely deep Red...  
        Then yesterday and Saturday evening I made these, I call them my lace doilies...  Years ago I had purchased some in a little store and they were like someone made them by machine...  So later when I learned more about crocheting with fine thread I was able to copy them... ( as you may or may not know I crochet by eye, i struggle with directions from a book)...

        And Last week I made the heart hotpad pot holder...  I enjoy vintage crocheting very much 
And I'm learning more and more all the time...  
        Here is my vintage doily in use...  Along with my lovely Hall Cream Vintage teapot...

        A lovely vintage tea cup called Federal Shape Syracuse China that I a while back ago saw on Cabin and Cottage blog and fell in love with it's softness...  (By the way Cabin and Cottage is a beautiful blog ran By Jaclyn which many of you know...  I don't have the link at present...  But you can look it up) 
        There are tiny Roses as well all over the outter of the cup as well as the saucer... So sweet...
        This is a cake plate and server I have have had about six years maybe and I loved the 
Roses Red and Pink...  
        I believe the pieces even though are different makers go well together...
        Well with the tea pot and well with my new made doilies ...  

                               WITH  LOVE ... 
                                        JANICE...   I will be joining Bernideen's Party today...



  1. Your doilies are breathtaking!!! I too struggle with following crochet directions. Truth be told I just struggle with that skill in general. You have a ovely collection!!! My girls are going crazy over the roses. We shall have to invest in some pretties of our own.

  2. I'm drooling over your chocolate cake with peppermint frosting. It would go so well with tea sipped from your beautiful teacup. Happy New Year, Janice!

  3. Very pretty thread makes, Janice! Love them all. I think the rose patterned dishes go well together too. Not sure I would have even noticed the difference if you hadn't said something. I looked at teacups and sugar bowls on etsy and ebay last night. Thought of you. Have a good week!

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely day and that cake looks delicious.


  5. Dear Janice:
    Now that cake is a masterpiece. It looks delicious and impressive. I also love your doilies that add so much. Your Teapot is also very nice with the teacups. You have created quite the party here! So glad you shared!

  6. Wow Janice, that cake is gorgeous. I am very impressed with your baking and decorating skills. I love it.

    I hope your Christmas was magical. Wishing you a happy and blessed New Year.


  7. Dear Janice: I love the dollies that you made. They are so very cute. Everything looks so good. You are a dear lady. I pray God's blessings on you this New Year's. Hugs, Martha

  8. What a BEAUTIFUL post Janice!
    Absolute eye candy :-)))
    That cake is too die for .... I bet it was delicious!
    Happy Day to You,

  9. I love your doilies; they are beautiful! I really think that making them is a lost art and it is wonderful to see that there are some talented gals still making them.
    Oh, and that cake . . . it is easy to see why it disappeared so fast :)
    Happy New Year!
    Connie :)

  10. Your cake is making my mouth water! Such pretty teacups. I love to crochet, but haven't tried doilies. Yours are gorgeous! Happy Tea Day and Happy New Year!

  11. Hi Janice,
    Oh how I love your beautiful china. I would love an Old Country Rose chintz teapot like yours. Gorgeous teacup and plate. Your cake looks absolutely delish too! Have a Wonderful New Year Dear Janice. Blessings, Karen

  12. Mmm...the cake is delicious!!! Your china is such romantic, i love the rose pattern. Your doilies are stunning.Happy new year!!!

  13. Dear Janice:
    Just letting you know that this post was one of the featured links from my blog party this week. Happy New Year!

  14. The cake looks so delicious and it sounds like you had such a lovely day! Your china and doilies are so lovely! Here's wishing you a very happy and peaceful new year!