Friday, February 28, 2014

Trying to find some sense and peace....

It's been a very long nite, I spent the night sitting in a chair in the kitchen online watching over Mom and jumping up to her every need... I ate candy pieces to help keep myself awake.. It's about to be 10 am and I'm waiting on someone for a break to go home and shower and hit my blankets... I sick as well with an ugly flu bug cold.. My ribs hurt from coughing and sneezing... It's just yukie!!!

So since I'm sitting here waiting, I decided to blog and share with you my Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles Pink... I enjoy it very much.. I only have two dinner plates and four bowls two cups and saucers...

Well I'm off and running ,,, Wishing you all a fabulous Weekend..

with love Janice


  1. I do hope you feel better soon! My little one is down with a horrible flu. Have been up all night myself. I hope you are able to rest and your dishes are beautiful!

  2. Your dishes are gorgeous! I' m so sorry for you. Hoping you' ll feel better...