Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sweet Rose Chintz...

I have always admired these dishes by Johnson Bro.  Rose Chintz .. finally I was looking on line and found a cheap Tea cup... so Of course I bidded on it.. and won.. hooray.. Then the sillest thing ever. I went off to the Tea shop.. and I wasn't going to go.. I told myself awe just forget it.. But something pulled me over there.. And guess what I found.. to my amazment.... hehehe

Four dinner plates and they weren't so expensive...

And four square bowls for only five dollars each.. I was so excited I grabbed them up and off to the counter I went.. There were two Tea cups and saucers but no way was I going to pay 26 dollars for them so I left them behind and will look on line later.. but I have one so I'm ok for the moment..

The nice thing is that you can use them with Blue as well..

It has these little blue flowers... 

Or Red tea cups...

I just love them.. can't wait to get a new tea pot to match... I wish my photos came out better.. but lighting wasn't so good..

with love Janice...............


  1. Now that was meant to be!!! They are so very pretty! It is the little things that make life ever so sweet! A lovely weekend to you!! Nicole xo

  2. How lovely Janice,and what a great price. I hope you find more. I haven't seen that pattern before. Have a nice week xx

  3. I agree, they were meant for you to have. How great!

  4. Great finds! The teacups are marvellous and very romantic. I've got a language button on my blog. It's on the sidebar, on the right, below the romantic bed with a little girl.

  5. I do love those plates. Very delicate and sweet. Thanks for visiting me Janice. PS I love your new page. Very classy and elegant.