Tuesday, February 4, 2014

*`~* Changing the Garden *`~`*

*~`* Heloo just picking up mail at Mom's.. her health isn't so good.. I just wanted to share some of my little changes in the Garden.. *~`* I completely changed it around and I'm quite happy with it...

*~`* The  Blue Garden has half turned into purple ... but it looks so sweet now.. my forget-me-knots are so sweet they are in the front part.. I actually never seen them before at the nursery...

*~`*  I'm trying to plant my garden more better...

*~`*  My Fluffy Rose Garden.. just because Victoria broke my plates the other day. so said.. they were such a deal.. it's my Lettuce bed.. with Chives and Get this Swiss Chard But Peppermint Chard.. it's so pretty can't wait till it grows bigger... the Woman at the Nursery said it tasted good.. 
so will see..

*`~* Loving it...

*`~* Some of the photos didn't come out so hot... but I tried..lol...but I turned the Garden around and I really like it this way..

*`~* The back area this year I'm going to plant tomatoes here..

*`~* Another Lettuce Bed.. the tomatoes will go behind it...

*`~*  So pretty.. there's nothing better in the Garden... well to me at least...

                     *`~* Wishing you all a lovely rest of the week..

                                                           With Love Janice.. *`~*  
                                                                *`~* See You Soon  


  1. Your garden looks marvellous! Very well done!

  2. Its a beautiful garden Janice. I love the little girl and boy statues...very sweet...blessings dear friend. I am sending up a prayer for your mom.

  3. How wonderful to see your beautiful garden. Where are you, Janice? In California? We are still under heavy blankets of snow here in Massachusetts.

    Where have you been? Taking care of your Mom? Susan

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your mom...I will be sending prayers your way. Your garden is amazing! So much beauty and character here friend! WOW! I can't wait to see more as we are still covered in snow! All the best...Nicole xo

  5. Im in San Francisco California.. and yes Susan been doing alot for mom.. we had some wonderful weather almost like Spring.. until several days ago.. it's been on a rain rampage..lol Thank you everyone..