Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pink Tulip's with a sweet Victorian like vase...

I'm so amazed by this Vase, I found it at Safeway... It was originally 18 dollars.. but it happen to be one sale for 14.. so I just couldn't resist it.. It is wire that has been made shabby chic... with a glass cone shaped vase inside.. It looks so pretty in person.. My phone hasn't been taking good photos at all... I believe it's the light...

I tried hard to get a good photo, but I couldn't.  The first day I had put some pink Carnations with a tiny white flowers..they looked very pretty...  I'm just in love with it..

Baby pink roses from the Garden...

 I'm sick by the way with a bad head cold... had to come by and bring Mom some food..... Of course my brother isn't doing all he said he would.. so different family members have been trying to help .. Very nice of them.. 

                                 With love Janice...


  1. So pretty, sweet Janice! It's a lovely treat seeing Tulips :) Hugs to you!

  2. The vase is lovely and the Tulips are so pretty! Feel well soon.

  3. The vase is gorgeous and the pink tulips are so romantic. I hope you feel better