Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Just some thoughts............*

*`~`**`~ Soon it will be Spring once again... I can't wait.. I have done a lot of changes in my Garden and I'm so pleased with the out come.. though I keep thinking that one day I will have to leave it all and move here to Mom's I keep trying to leave those thoughts in the back ground and go on.. But her health makes it hard to not think of it.. Mom's HOuse is a huge wreck and so much will have to be done.. I often wonder where am I going to fine the money to do so...........

Then I find myself saying to just leave it in God's hand's because that's basically all I can do.. I don't have money like that.. Life's turns are some times to much to swallow.. I cut my finger badly a couple weeks ago.. And now I have a tooth problem.. so I have to go to the Dentist tomorrow to get it most likely pulled who has 4ooo thousand for a root canal.. but I don't even know if that's possible anyways..

well just a few thoughts... hope your week is going well... I wanted to post my new dishes for you. But my email isn't receiving my photos for some reason..

                                             With love Janice...

                                                   p.s. Have to go pick up Vee & Isaiah..


  1. I think leaving things in Gods hands is such a good thing to do as I am practicing that as well. Good luck with the dentist...I just had a root canal and am on a payment plan for it!! No fun! You stay strong...talk soon..Nicole xo

  2. I love your teacups! The last photo of the little girl is so sweet!

  3. Lovely blog... and music. Love it!


  4. Your tea cups are wonderful. Good luck for the dentist

  5. Dear Janice, I think of you so often and keep you in my prayers. You have a lot on your plate. It is hard to trust but as you said, it is all in God's hands. Hugs from wet Oregon.
    Think spring.

  6. It is always best to leave it in God's hands...he can work things out so much better than we can ourselves. My parents are begging me to come live with them,and they are really needed someone with them at this point in their lives...I too am putting this in God's hands...he will direct us as to what should be done....blessings friend.

  7. It's hard not to fret over life's challenges. But you have a good attitude and a cheery blog that helps you look on the bright side. I wish you the best. I peeked at your beautiful crochet too. So nice to know you stopped by!

  8. I always love what you do to your blog. You have a knack. Love your teacups and please take care.

  9. Good luck with the dentist.....never fun no matter what. Beautiful teacups!

  10. Hope you're able to deal with your tooth problem as soon as possible, and hope it goes smoothly. It's one thing to have the pains and aches, it's another to have a root canal, as a lot of folks would put it. Though if the dentist knows his job well, you can just sit back and let the bad teeth be a thing of the past.

    Douglas Smith DDS