Saturday, November 2, 2013

*`~ Baby food jars ~`* and the last of the Flowers...

~`* All of a Sudden we are having baby food well not all of a sudden but we are and I was simply bored and had saved a couple for some reason.. So anyway's like everyone else with jars I thought why not with a little baby  food jar.. I have little tiny flowers left in the Garden ~`*`~ ` `~

I thought this would be perfect... I remembered I had a pink crocheted Rose flower.. So I got out the thread and crocheted a chain.. slipped the flower through and got some pretty thick Ribbon

I love tiny flowers and tiny Pansy's....... ~`*`~ Do you...

Wrapped the Ribbon around the jar.. glued it and tied the flower around the top of the jar..

*~`*~```*``` ~~ ```* It's always sad to see the Garden go... 
                                                 But it will be a lovely Surprise come Spring..*~`
              with love Janice........................ Be Back Soon..


  1. Hello Janice,
    that's great, in this nasty rainy day.
    see your post, so beautiful and the colors of your
    beautiful flowers, you're really good with the hook!
    good Sunday
    Susy Love x

  2. hi janice, how your doing? busy ...always nice to read your comment dough you never respond..still blessings and happy holidays ..soraya

  3. Oh, Janice! I love your idea and i love your pink rose..such romantic!

  4. Hello Janice,
    How have you been, dear?
    The pink crocheted rose is so lovely. You know how much I love roses. Have you sold your car yet?

    Have a blessed Autumn week.