Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cabbage Patch memories...

Remember those Cabbage Patch Babies..... Well this is mine that belonged to my older daughter and she is now 33 years old.. I remember getting this baby.. such a long time ago.. well she is mine now no one wanted her so she sits on my bed most of the time... I recently purchased a tiny bib for Yesteryears Embroidery..
She has an Esty Shop... with a few things.. Please stop by her Blog to visit her and her shop
I just love my bib, Its so sweet.. It has a sweet little butterfly and Baby written on it.. ...

~`*`~........... It matches all her little clothes perfect..

I have named her Magnolia Rose...

I hope that you enjoyed this short little visit with Magnolia Rose.... Wishing you a lovely new week full of Love & Laughter.. I thank you for your visits with me.. Hopefully in the real near future I will be online more often.. I miss everyone very much..


  1. Good morning my friend. Sweet Cabbage Patch! My girls (34 and 37) both had them. I even made them ones one Christmas when we couldn't find any to buy. I was up until about 3AM finishing them up for Christmas morning...what a nuthead I was!
    Hugs to you.

  2. Your baby is a little doll :) so sweet,and the bib is darling. I am glad you kept her to enjoy. I love my dolls....blessings sweet friend

  3. Your doll is so sweet and full of beautiful memories.

  4. Oh yes, I remember these dolls - my older sister loved them :) I hope you are doing well sweet friend! I am in the process of moving into a new home so I apologize for not visiting very often. Hopefully things will slow down with the moving next month :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! Hugs and love!

  5. Wishing for you a peace fill Thanksgiving. Thank you for always taking the time to stop at my little place and leave a comment..I'm grateful that you do..looking forward to hearing from you more soon.