Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rainy Day in San Francisco...

~`*`~  Good afternoon everyone... No I haven't gotten my I-Pad yet.. but I will soon... I'm just on a visit at Mom's house.. just for a couple of hours.. I woke up to rain outside this morning, I don't mind the rain but I don't like to drive in it..  But I always have my Blue glass window to cheer me up.. My Violets are popping up with lovely lavender blooms...

Which always brings warmth to my heart.. I had visited my storage and found another Blue Glass little lantern.. so I placed it in the window with the other one which sits on the other side...

There is nothing prettier to me than Blue Glass in the kitchen window..specially when the sun shines through it.. But even though there wasn't any this morning the Glass still seem to shine..

It still brighten my morning up.. I love Blue Glass It's my most favorite..

One of my newest pieces is my Blue Stained Glass Tea Pot... I adore it.  I had found it at my most favorite place this past year... The Tea Shop.. The Lady told me it had been waiting for me.. cause it had been sitting for a long long time.. I was so thrilled to find it sitting on a shelf...

And my fairy which I purchased before I moved here to where I'am now...One day because it's not so far I wish to return to buy another piece.. she is so pretty...

You'd never know it was raining in my kitchen window.. less you really looked hard...

I think when I return home I will be ready for a nice hot pot of tea.. in a pretty tea cup. What about you, what has your day been like so far... ???

Thank you for your  visits...

Where ever you are... have a blessed afternoon with love Janice


  1. Con questi piccoli oggetti,dalla tua finestra è entrata tanta dolcezza che fa bene alcuore e fa affrontare anche una giornata di pioggia nel traffico!La tua cucina è dolcissima!Baci,Rosetta

  2. Janice,
    Your blue glass window is so lovely. Who wouldn't be cheered up looking at that? I've always loved that color. Your Header is so beautiful, as always. I hope your Mom is doing OK. I have been wanting to take a trip to San Francisco.....maybe next year.


  3. That would be awesome Sheri, would love to meet you... hugs

  4. I too love blue...that tea pot window sun catcher is beautiful,as is all your other pretties. You do have such wonderful pieces...if I lived close by..I would have to come for tea...and admire your home :) Blessings friend

  5. Ms Shelley I would simply love you to come over for tea... Blessings as well...

  6. Your blue glass collection is just gorgeous.Thanks for the lovely words...

  7. Oh hi sweet Janice. It was nice to hear from you, thanks for visiting my blog. I love all your blue goodies. The teapot in the window is to die for! Just love it.
    We are dry here in OR but it's so windy and cold.
    I guess winter is on it's way.
    Love ya, Linda

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