Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dad's Truck....

Heloo my dear friends I miss you all so much ... I miss visiting your places.. and I miss sharing with you.. I came to pick up some things up stairs at Mom's house... and I thought I tell you all about why I'm always saying I got the things off of Dad's truck.... Dad had a business, a Hauling Co.. Called Father & Son's.. Which we all worked My oldest brother mostly my younger brother at times.. and I was later his secretary.. After I got married and had my children... I also drove the small trucks at times and supervised jobs for him and did estimates as well.  We cleaned out Estates and offices etc... So I was allowed later to go through the trucks and take what I wanted.. I started going to Flea Markets to sell things and make extra monies... I also did Garage and side walk sales... I just loved it all.. I found the most wonderful things... I found jewelery gold diamonds etc.. many many different things.. that's where the love of old became even more so.. It all started once upon a time.. when I was I guess about 13.. my aunt Penny live next store down stairs in an small place..... Above her was the elderly man name David.. he worked for the hospital and lived alone. Well some how my Aunt Penny decided that he needed his house cleaned...

So she got me the job.... When I went there it was like stepping back in time all the way to the depression glass dishes that sat on the pantry shelves... such beauty it seemed to my eyes.. to the light green and beige antique stove.. with the wood burners... but it did have gas burners too..it must have been one of the first ones made.. all the furniture was antique and in such good condition.. the fire place had pretty little limesh green tiles with touches of browns through them.. and dark wood all around.. my most favorite little thing was a tiny little wooden foot stool.. with a tapestry covering ... that later was suppose to me mine..

Well that's where the beginning of my love affair of antiques and depression glass started...right next store at my first job ever...  The pretty yellow and turquoise green glass even there were some deep purple glass.. I have a few of the pieces.. but I didn't not get my tiny foot stool my uncles wife stoled it.. I was so sad.. but later.. to my suprised one day I found one on Dad's truck.. I was the most happiest woman in the world.. I still have it today it resides in my living room under my wing back chair..

I have so many memories of that house.. my first rememberance was when I was really young and his mother was still alive she would pull up the shade and wave to us children playing outside.. though I don't remember seeing her outside close up.. then some where along the way she faded away.. and I was bigger cleaning the house up... It's funny what you remember and you don't..

This piece is an Embroidered pillow cover.. I have never used it because I never wanted to mess it up... it's one of my favorites... somewhere on a envelope I drew the little girl... I miss the days of rumagging through the trucks searching for past treasures... But I still have many things that I pulled off of the trucks... Good memories.............

                             Wishing you all a great week..
                 with love Janice


  1. Janice, so now I know "the rest of the story" ha ha! Such a neat post today and now I will know what you mean when you refer to Dad's truck. I really like the little pillow - just tooooo cute!
    Blessings from Arizona,

  2. What a sweet post and story! The little pillow is adorable and rich of memories

  3. Great story...thanks for sharing Janice. Love that sweet pillow slip....blessings

  4. what grand fun going through the treasure trove. Like finding buried treasure. What a great memory and story, don't stay away too long now. Take care...