Monday, May 6, 2013

Tuesday Tea Time...........Blue & White

I really love My Blue & White Tea Pot, and I'm just a Great lover of Blue & White anything pretty much.Glass Linens etc...I'm feeling tired out today been running around doing Erands for Mom...And we are having this ickie weather...muggy Hot Weather..Yuk...I don't like it at all...Mom's not feeling to good... So I will spend the nite today..I brought her soup, strawberries, cake, Items to make Tacos, fresh cooked Artichokes.. She said that she is feeling a little bit better now that she ate the soup...So she ate a couple of Strawberrie and a little piece of cake..O and I brought some flowers from the Garden to cheer her up...Now she is resting...

Today I thought I would serve Tea on my Blue & White Tray...and as some of my things I found this along time ago on Dad's truck..I liked it, so I kept it.. Not realizing that one day I would love it and use it for Tea time...

It says that it was made in England which lol for some reason I never looked...It's like Blue & White Willow pattern...

 Church hill, Tea cup and saucer..I had two and recently broke one so sad........

Which one should I use,..... I love them both..............

The scenes are just wonderful...

The Blue Rose on the Linen Napkin..

Crocheted White Hot Pad, and multi colored vintage Pot Holder...

I hope that you enjoyed Tea Time Tuesday with me...
I have a pretty cake to share with you...I will post soon, maybe tomorrow ...
 Yummy vanilla cake I made lite Pink...with Pansy's from the Garden...Have a lovely evening my sweet friend...~Blessings
                                     with Love Janice


  1. Your photos are always so lovely and I LOVE your garden! Thank you for stopping by the cottage and leaving comments. :) You will LOVE the marmalade! I have also made it with 1 cup oranges and 1 cup sugar. Adjust the amount to how much you will need. Let me know what you think! Have a great week!

  2. What a lovely garden with a beautiful tea setting. I love the blue and white Willow tray and your pretty Church Hill teacup. I love transferware in all the colors it comes in! Sorry you broke one, I hate it when I brake pretty things too! Have a happy Mom's Day.

  3. I especially love the napkins and all your blue things are wonderful!!!

  4. Your blue and white is beautiful. I love the tea-cups. Deb

  5. Janice,
    Your blue and white tea pot made my heart sing! What is it about blue and white china that I love so much? Your English tea cup is so pretty too. I just want to tell you how great it is that you take care of your mother, especially when she's not feeling well. I know it can be tiring at times; it reminds me of all the care I did for my mom before she passed away four years ago.

    This was such a lovely post today. It made my heart glad, thank you.


  6. So lovely. My favorite color combination for tea.

    Jocelyn @

  7. Hi Janice, thanks for joining my blog.
    I've seen yours.
    Your doilies are beautiful!
    I love blu and white too and your tea set is very very pretty!:)
    I'll be your next followers too.
    Have a nice day!:)

  8. What a sweet tea setting! The blue and white is so fresh. Especially during our dreary weather. I think your tea pot is adorable! And every piece of your setting works beautifully, right down to the lovely doily. I am sorry you now have one cup less!
    You are a good daughter. You take such good care of your mother. I hope that she feels better soon.

  9. Thank you everyone...have a lovely evening.

  10. I love your pretty blue and white tea things and that teapot is gorgeous.

  11. Lovely blue and white. My daughter collects blue and white but she doesn't have a set of anything. She loves to mix and match as long as it's blue and white. Too bad your lovely cup broke and that's always a tiny disaster...around here it is anyway...but take heart, mixing and matching is charming and individual. :)