Thursday, May 16, 2013

American Beauty.........Pink

How about these American Beauties...
They just arrived this morning I found them the other day On Ebay..Really I know I should stay away from there lol but my boredom brings me there.. He he aways I'm glad I found these and at a good price and I also got another cup..
That way if I have company we can both have the same American Beauty Tea cup....

I would love to someday purchase the Tea Pot as well and maybe some luncheon plates
 I also found this Beauty..

It was suppose to be for a double bed...but I think she stretched it a little bit..but really I don't mind I love it just the same..though I wished it was a tad larger..but I will just keep in on top of My Bed anyhow..
It's now drying in the dryer..
It's Shabby Chic...
Maybe later I will find a larger one.. I hope at least..

(My Photo) 

I have changed my Bed Room again...I found this Hydrangea Duvet cover Set at the Goodwill for only $ 13.99 there was only a button missing on the holder for it..   I have had it for about almost a year..but finally am putting it on my bed..


(There photo)
I really love it..
 Ready for a fluffy comfy bed with a cuppa and Romantic Homes Magazine...Maybe some Day Dreams... 
Wishing you all a lovely evening... ending in Sweet dreams..


  1. Janice,
    I really like these America Beauty tea cups. They are gorgeous. Your bedroom looks so sweet, and the color is very nice. You always find the nicest things to bring home.


  2. Simply beautiful Janice. Love all the gorgeous pictures shown today. Thanks for the enjoyment.
    Hugs from Arizona,

  3. Hi Janice,
    I just love American Beauty too! My mom had the whole set and my sister and I recently shared the pieces between us. Your blog is simply beautiful - with the music and colours!

    Just gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing!