Friday, May 31, 2013

Pretty spoon...

Good Morning Ladies, I wanted to share this spoon with you I found it at the Tea shop yesterday and a few other things but will go pick those up today.. I thought this spoon was for use but it's not it's just for decoration.. but I love it just the same.  They put pretty ribbions on them I suppose to hang.. It's very sweet.
Well it's the Weekend and tomorrow will be my Granddaugher Yuliana's Birthday she is going to Be two years old. Time is just flying away Isaiah is already going to 7 months old Phew.. He has two teeth and is a busy little man.

My American Beauty, Royal Albert Tea cup I now own three of them. I'm becoming attached to this pattern It's from the 1940's I believe I read. But there are many pieces to this pattern. I want the Tea Pot but It's over a hundred dollars so I'm going to have to set some monies aside to get it. Sometimes being on a limited income is a little bit hard but I'm ever so grateful for it though.

Isn't it so pretty.. the Roses are just beautiful in person....O and you just have to see this piece it's to die for.

I truly fell in love with this... boy o boy... but the sad part was when I went to buy it it was out of stock...

This is the only butter dish that I can find... this is still pretty but the other one is and has such a elegance about it, don't you think..

 Here is a 20 piece set which is about $189.00 which isn't to bad I don't need the cups and saucers just the plates but the buyer won't sell just the plates...
Well I suppose it will all have to stay on my wish list for now...

                             Wishing you all a wonderful weekend... with love


  1. Such beautiful dishes...lovely for tea!!

  2. Hi Janice! Your dishes are just lovely and that spoon is beautiful - love it!

    Have a great weekend.

    Hugs to you!