Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sharing May with you.........Pansy's Sereno green Glass....

Helo my sweet bloggers, I thought I'd share my New Table setting but my lovely pictures didn't come out to lovely...what can I say sometimes my darn little silly phone works good and other times for the life of me I can't get one good photo.. Well this one isn't bad. Here's my  May Tea Cup By Royal Albert...Probably one of the first ones I got.

Well here's a pretty good love my White &Blue..but wanted a Spring change..I love my Pansy Tea Pot...And I really love my Green Sereno Glass Ware.I have four salad plates but they have a different pattern and I have eight glasses.  A large salad bowl...A lovely Royal Albert Tea cup, I love love this cup..I love the bold Black, Green And White it's a floral line..I forgot the name of this cup... Ah here is the name, Royal Albert flora Series Trillium...

 One of my favorite Tea Pots...I wanted this it seemed like forever and one day online I found it and ordered it........I was so pleased with it when I received it............Beautiful Purple Pansy's...

 Love it......................My new multi purple doily works nice with this Tea pot...
And a sweet Pansy Tea Cup.............

Extra note: Mom's not feeling to well, I'm thinking she might end up back in the hospital..I'm worried..Her breathing isn't good at all and she has been on the Oxygen and inhailers, two..things are getting worse I'm thinking.  There is nothing that I can do. And I'm not sure the Doctor's can do a whole lot either.. 
 It's like a waiting game horrible waiting, waiting for the worse to come..
I was hoping that things would be okay for a while before it got worse again. I'm not ready to lose my Mom. I know I probably won't ever be ready..She is my only person in my life and I haven't a clue what or how I'm going to be without her.
We talk everyday even if sometimes she makes me want to pull out my hair..But I love her with all my heart. 
She has always been here for me no matter the circumstances. . Never questioning me about me asking her for something..O lord I'm just worried as can be...

 Thanks for the ear.....wishing you a great Friday and a great         Weekend...
                                     with love Janice........I almost forgot so I came by to tell everyone, Happy Mother's Day..


  1. Gosh, they are so pretty! So sorry to read about your mom, sending you a virtual hug! x

  2. I will be praying for your Mom that she can breathe better. Your photos are really lovely and your teapot and cups and saucers!

  3. Beautiful photos! So sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she will feel better soon!

  4. I love pansies and your china is so pretty! Sending hugs to you today... take care.


  5. This is one of the best vintage glassware collection I'd seen. I remember my grandma's glassware collection. Almost same design.

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