Monday, May 20, 2013

Moss Rose .............

It finally arrived, I hadn't realize it was a small set. I went back and checked on the info...and it said sm. The tea cups are ever so little but really I don't mind it is a wonderful set dainty ... It will be perfect for the Girls...

 Like this they look large ...but they are they are the cutest little tiny things...

The Sugar bowl with a lid so nice...
  Sweet Creamer....
 And the adorable little Egg cup holders.. The lady who sold them to me wrapped them ever so careful in this soft cream colored material like felt or something like it..but fluffy and soft..surrounded by foam..They arrived so sweetly..

 My very busy shelve in the Living Room...I managed to put them on it except for the plates there was no room for them...the Good part was I finally got up there and dusting it all..hehe

All in all I'm pleased with them... All the pieces... I last night was surfing the web...hehehehe I know I know.... but I found the most wonderful tea pot for sale..I just have to purchase it just have to...
I couldn't take a copy of it the site wouldn't allow it...O but wait till I show you ... I love it.. soon though...
  Lovely Moss Rose................I wish you all a wonderful enchanting magical new week...with love Janice
My first Yellow Rose in the Garden...It' smells so divine..


  1. Beautiful tea set! In fact, I have the same tea cup :) My mom found three and gave one to me, my sister and herself.

    Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day!

    Hugs to you!

  2. Hi Janice!
    Here is the information on how to make a grab button.

    This site was the only one with information that worked, since Google changed their HTML setup.

    Good luck...
    I love your new rose teapot and pretty.


  3. Thank you Clara, I really appreciate you leaving me the info...

  4. Hi Janice, I have a Moss Rose set too. In fact it was the very first tea set I ever bought when I was newly married. I found it tucked away in a little antique store. I have since added other pots and cups to my collection but it remains one of my cherished favorites! Delisa :)

  5. Janice,
    The Moss Rose set is lovely. I remember you saying that you were waiting for it to come.

    I would love to see your house, my friend. It is probably so charming. I enjoy all the pictures that you show us of your home. It gives me ideas for my own home and a bit of inspiration.