Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer days...

*`~ Good Afternoon, should say early evening...
I have been sick for this whole week with a chest cold.. YUKIE.. I just dislike being sick to the max
and it seems this year I have been sick much..
Though, I can't remember a day that I ever been sick in Summer time..
The weekend before we me Vee and the babies went to the Farmers Market and it
was so hot I took off my sweater and had a little tank top on.. which was fine
but later I went home into the Garden to water
and it started to get windy and fog was comin in.. I should have went in and got 
a sweater but I didn't and the next day I was sick..
So that's whats going on with me..
But look at this
A Homer Laughlin
Fiesta Teapot
And a lovely Royal Albert tea cup..
I have had them for a while now but haven't had a chance to show you
I love this teacup.. I adore daisies and this is no exception.. 
such a sweet name.. 
Ready for breakfast...
I love the color of the Teapot and the colors in the daisies...

I really like all the new birds they came out with.. 
I have bought several of them..
You know I really love Pansy's but the nursery hasn't really had any I did find these ones though..
But I'm very surprised 
Usually they have tons of them.. and I forgot to ask why
there aren't any..
Fairy angel... 
Little White roses and I keep forgetting the name of the plant on the right.. but I have a rusty colored one
and I love love them.. this is Pink with Green Cream....
My new Pink Rose bush...
It was so cheap at Lowes.. they had other ones which smelled so so good..
this one has no scent.. I wanted another one but couldn't afford it at the
moment.. boo hoo.. 
O well next time
The blooms were all closed when I  bought it now they are opening up.. 
They looked so pretty this morning ..
Well my dear friends...
Happy Weekend


  1. Oh Janice. Those roses! How gorgeous. How utterly gorgeous. All pretties in your post today. SO sorry to hear you have been ill. So very sorry. Feel better this weekend. Hugs. Susan

    1. Thank you dear Susan.. i feel a bit better this morning.. have a wonderful day today..♥

  2. Your post is a feast for the eyes! Beautiful china and gorgeous pink rose. My big red Knock Out rose just curled up its rose toes, in the past few weeks, turned completely brown and died. I will have to check Lowes for a replacement. Don't know what happened, the rose right next to it is just fine.

    I am liking the ceramic birds I have been seeing, too, and your little blue bird is adorable.

    Your header and background are lovely.

    Hope you get over your cold really soon.

    Susie D.

    1. Susie thank you fir joining me. Sirry about your Knock out rose. I have problems with this other one too. I hope this one stays ok.. i think im going to take it to my mama house the Roses work better there.. happy Saturday.. have a wonderful day.♥

  3. Thank you my dear for your visit and presious comment have a wonderful day..

  4. Those have to be the prettiest colors I've ever seen together for a teacup and teapot. You really have an eye for that sort of thing! These are my favorites you've ever shown. I just love them. Pretty pink roses too!

    1. Thank you Pammy Sue.. im with you im so lovin them both ♥

  5. Sweet Janice, your tea cup took my breath away with its beauty. Thank you so much for sharing with us :) And those roses are simply stunning, my friend.

    I hope you are feeling all better sorry you have been sick for a week :( My little one had the tummy bug and he was not feeling well for almost a week. There seems to be a lot of "bugs" flying around this summer. Hugs to you!

    1. Thank you Stephanie.. im a bit better but the cough is starting in. Hope you little feels better soon. Hugs back ♥

  6. Lovely roses, teacup and a very nice teapot. The blue and turquoise is pretty.
    I hope you're over your sickness, not much fun especially in the summertime.


    1. Thank you Diana. Im still.sick the cough is starting in..yuk .. thank you for your sweet visit.. ♥

  7. What a lovely tea time and your teacup is so darling! Love your roses and your little angel so cute! Hope you are feeling better by now!

  8. Good morning, Janice! I love the color of your teapot and how you've paired it with your Royal Albert teacup! Don't they look so pretty together?! What I also love is the pretty tray that you've displayed them on.
    I hope you'll feel better soon. It's not right to feel so poorly in the summertime! Hopefully a cup of tea will make you feel better, especially in your pretty teacup.

  9. What a sweet and lovely post Janice. That tea cup is just so pretty and dainty. I also love the adorable bird. I am sorry to hear that you were not feeling well. I hope that you are feeling better by now.

    The roses are stunning. Love that sweet shade of rose.



  10. Beautiful tea cup, Janice, and what a sweet angel in your garden. I wish we could have tea together in your garden. We would talk about many things. The color of your roses are soft and so lovely. Mine are a bit pinker, but they are both pretty in their own way.

    love, ~Sheri