Friday, August 21, 2015

Life indeed is the most precious Gift that we can receive

It's been such a long long day...  I attended a Funeral today of a young handsome man that I never met Or
saw till I seen a photo of him today...
A young man of 29
Had a Heart Attack on Sunday Morning
and left this world... 
My oldest daughter had been working for him for a couple of months... She kept telling me how loving 
and kind he was.  She who has panic disorder like me ... he gave her the confidence to work for him.  He 
was that way with everyone.. All the people I saw and met today said that he was the most kind person they
Sad a very sad sad thing
He was a owner of a Sandwich shop here in San Francisco..
I'm very grateful, My daughter said that it helped her to realize how precious life is, her life. She is 
grateful she is still here and asked forgiveness from God...
for trying to take her life...
I'm grateful too..
He touched her heart and that was special.  Now she has something to hold on to.. 
He showed her that there are still people with kindness in their hearts
and there are people who truly care..
I want to thank Joe for the gift he gave to my daughter...
Thank you Joe...
My heart aches for his family and close friends as they tried to understand why this happened...
May he Rest in Peace now..
.These are my Roses from my Garden
I cut them all down now before they blew away in the wind...
My first bouquet I hope in the future I receive more...

Each day should be carefully lived with gratefulness in our hearts...
He he guess what I got...
Do you see it...
Yep a wonderful Teapot..
I been searching and searching for this tea pot...
"Rose Chintz"
I think this is the most I ever paid for a teapot... But I wasn't going to let it go
I have waited forever in a day.. I wanted one from England not China...
She is very beautiful.. clean as a whistle... 
I first found some square bowls, I believe at the tea shop...  Later six dinner plates... 
then came a teacup and saucer
Later a creamer... 
It's what I have so far...
The time is peaceful at the moment...Death is such a over whelming thing.  Even if you really don't know 
the person really... 
To see my daughter have tears in her eyes brought tears to mine. 
We also met and young woman who was 26 years old...
She had Panic disorder too.. So she spoke to me and my daughter
talking about what goes on and how it feels.. 
She said she does all the B vitamins and melintonin   not to sure what that 
is not even sure I'm spelling it right.. but going to find out..
and her next thing was ???
Before she left she said and pray and gave a hug she was 
a great young woman...
It's amazing what God does..
not many understand what panic disorder is and what it does to a person.. 
But she did and it was very comforting ... 
Well that's my story today
I'm kind of tired...but at peace...
I wish you all a peaceful and safe wonderful weekend
with love
ps... Appreciate your life and your family
it's very important
treat each day of life with respect 
just as Jesus Christ our Lord did...


  1. Your blog is so beautiful, Janice. And your writing comes from your heart. Love it. Your roses are exquisite. I am sad for the loss of that young man. He certainly was put into your daughter's life for a purpose. Now he is with the Lord. Bless you, sweet friend. Susan

  2. A thoughtful and touching post. Thank you for sharing as you did.
    And I love, love, love the teapot.
    Have a nice weekend,


  3. A very sobering reminder that life is a gift and can be gone in the blink of an eye. Love your bouquet of pink roses! How beautiful. Congrats on the teapot. She's a beauty!

  4. I always find it very sad when a young person dies. Too, too young to go in my opinion. I love your pretty new teapot. Great find!

  5. Lovely post and flowers Janice...blessings

  6. Dear Jnaice, i' m back. I agree with you, life is the most precious gift. I'm so sorry for the young man. Lovely roses and teapot

  7. Oh Janice, how sad and heartbreaking! I was quite shocked to read that he was only 29...that is how old I am. Your post was truly beautiful, my friend. Love and hugs to you!

  8. Hello Janice,

    I am sorry to hear of the loss of such a young and kind young man. A very sweet and heartfelt post.

    Love your china and roses.



  9. Such a sad thing about the young man and you are is precious. Your post is so lovely! Have a peaceful weekend!