Monday, August 17, 2015

Blue Roosters...& Teacups ...

Good evening Everyone...
I recently bought this Blue Rooster Teapot
For $10.00 Bucks
It's from Gracie's
I think it's just so darn cute.. I haven't had tea in it yet.. I think I was dreaming about it 
the other night   lol..
Then I went to look on line for the creamer sugar or tea cup 
and O my gosh they are really high  compared to this teapot and the price I paid
I think they were like 30 for the pair and the cups 
were about the same for one..
Way to much
So I will just have to use it with some other cups..
This is a adorable teacup in my opinion I got it months ago...
From Royal Albert.. Country Scenes Bluebell wood
I just love it and all the pretty colors in it
and all the sweet Bluebells 
all over 
I keep dreaming of  Tea Party's in Mama's Garden 
Today my middle son was cleaning up 
the Garden is a horrible mess
no on has cleaned it forever and all that I had done before is 
dead and gone.. 
So I was there sitting on the brick stairs 
thinking as my son was saying 
Mama we can make it nice again.
The deck is about to fall down So as soon as he get the debri out
he said he will tear it down.. 
Back to the sweet Teacup and Saucer... 
I think these two will go just fine together and my bumble bee linen table cloth...
I love this linen table cloth I found it at the tea shop...
This teacup I love  Love.. I believe it was on Sandie's blog Rose Chintz Cottage that
I first saw it and I fell in love with it..
It's so so pretty and lovely.
Veronica is the name of it..
I used to have a great friend name Veronica when I was like 12
Many of you know Sandie she has a great lovely blog..
So just click on the address
and it will take you there..
I enjoy my visits all the time..
So pretty indeed.. so happy I found one for a good price..
Thank you Sandie for sharing it ..

 Sweet days of Summer
Soon Summer will be gone
and Autumn will be on it's way..
Wishing you all 
a wonderful new week
A quick little drawing that I did. I have't drawn for around seven years
this came out ok.. 
Love n Hugs


  1. Love the Country Scene and Veronica teacups! Many a time I've added a patterns on my chinaware wish list after it was shared on a fellow teacup collector's blog!

    1. Thank you Margie.. i have a huge wish list and i think i dont need no more lol

  2. Hi Janice,
    I used to draw and paint all the time. I come from a family of artists and so I enjoy seeing other's artwork. Your picture is lovely!

    Your teacup is darling with the bluebells on it. My Veronica teacup was a shower gift from my mother many years ago. I saw another one in an antique shop and I am tempted to go get it because mine has a broken handle. I love your teapot. I have two in that same shape and they are so pretty. Your blue roosters are very charming indeed. Thanks so much for sharing at Tea Time and have a lovely week.


  3. Well for heaven's sake, Janice, get out the paints again and quick! You are a wonderful artist! On top of crocheting and knitting. Don't let another moment go by. PAINT! The cups are gorgeous. I hadn't read about your son before. SO HAPPY he's helping at your Mama's cottage. It is going to be gorgeous! Susan p.s. Keep lots of notes and take tons of photos. The transformation of Mama's cottage can turn into a BOOK! Yes!

  4. Your drawing at the bottom of the page is lovely, so is your new header, well new to me anyway. Love your teapot, I'm thinking of getting something like it for my daughter for Christmas.


    1. I really love the style of the new tea pot. And yes my header is new thank you...

  5. I love all your beautiful pieces of china. The bumble bee tablecloth is so pretty.


  6. Hi Janice,
    Oh my! I absolutely love that teapot and it looks perfect with the pretty teacup and bumble bee tablecloth. The R.A. Veronica is lovely too. Everything is so very beautiful Janice! Happy Tea Day! Karen

  7. Oh Janice, your teapot is just darling and I so love your teacups that you shared and your pretty linen cloth, too.
    Your drawing is wonderful and I hope that you continue to do more.