Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Staying focus...

Staying focus on myself and keeping my composure is what I intend to do.. I'm not going to let my daughter put me down with ugly choice of words...I'm just not so clearing out my head and re focusing on my things to do My bible study take care of my Mom even if I have to do it alone.. I know she would never leave my side so I'm not going to leave hers no matter how difficult it gets.. I haven't a clue what's in store for me at this Point because vee leaving will cause turmoil in so many ways .. but it's okay cause I know has got my back and will help me endure it and get through...
Once again she has saded me and hurt me with choice of selfish words from her mouth Telling me I'm a disgrace to mother's and I'm selfish. It's amazing how your blood daughter that you raise can be so unkind and disrespectful.. I never raised her like that.. but I just told myself ok that's fine if that's what she feels I'm just going to suck it up and re focus on myself.. and my goal to move towards Jehovah.. I'm posting this cause I have to get it out of my system some how If I talk to Mom she says to much and dwells on it.. I can't handle that right now I love You Mom but I need to move on.

This is Mc Cloud California , with Mt Shasta in the background a place where I spend much much time growing up with my Dad's family.. I haven't been here for 26 years and  I have thought and thought of it many times.. and My Uncle and Aunt Ann the two best people in the world at least in my world.. they are kind and loving and caring..
My uncle is 81 years old now and she is around 78 .. I used to write them all the time but in my trails and tribulations I have for a long while now. As I thought of Mc Cloud and started looking for photos it prompt me to write a long over due letter to them both.. and I mailed it off today from Mom's

This the down town area the Postal office and the town grocery store straight ahead.. My memories are so strong in my mind like yesterday and I long to go visit. For me it was like home more than my home with Mom and Dad. Every vacation I was there It's about 375 miles from San Francisco and It was a great place to grow up as a kid.. I really long to visit. I wish I could jump on a train and go..

I think this was the hospital of the town.. I remember that when I was growing up they only had wood sidewalks or just dirt..

This Church is on the way from my Aunt and Uncles house to down town.. It still looks the same like when I was young.

The down town general store etc.. wow the walk way is still the same...

This event has been going on since I was a kid like forty something years. My Aunt Ann love to go play bingo and I would play throw the dimes to win a prize or gold fish.. I miss those days they were the best days of my life a great memory in my heart...............

Mc Cloud in the winter... so beautiful.. I remember we used to get snowed in and couldn't leave back to San Francisco for days ... and my Uncle would have to dig the snow away from the front door and Icicles would be more than 12 inches long ..

This is another small town up over the hill from Mc Cloud  It's called Dunsmuir California My other Aunt Alora lived with my cousins..  Sometimes when My Uncle Jumbo as we called him would get off work and it was so hot..we would go over the hill to Dunsmuir and go swimming for a couple of hours.. It was the best.. Mc Cloud had a pool but was small and this one was larger..

and sometimes we would go over the hill to the other direction to Mt. Shasta  and go to the Frosty Freeze for frosty's or banana splits..

My Uncle Buzz lived in Weed California and worked here in Mt.Shasta   I tried to find a photo of the Frosty freeze but couldn't ..

In this photo there is a Burger King so I know it's a new one.. but the basics look the same. And the other town we would visit up over the other direction was Weed California where my Uncle Buzz lived and my Auntie Joanie my two cousins and My Grandparents when I was really little up until about 10 .. they both passed on after that..

This is going in to the main part of Weed California the down town which consist as well of one long stretch. I haven't a clue how it is these days... I can't imagine that much has changed there for it's just a tiny little town..

This is another mountain named Black Butte you see this coming from Mc Cloud going towards Mt Shasta..
These are my best memories of my life ... I want to thank My Uncle Jumbo and Aunt Ann for giving me a life time of wonderful memories.. with all my love Janice


  1. Lovely memories and photo's Janice. Take care. xx

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Take care & be strong!

  3. What a gorgeous quaint town to grow up in. You do your Aunt and Uncle proud.
    Have a happy and blessed 4th of July.

  4. What a pretty little town, it has such character and charm !