Friday, April 5, 2013

Just a little visit to the Tea shop.....

As I was getting ready to leave to Mom's I was thinking I had a couple of extra dollars, so why not go visit my favorite place...It had been raining and the sun popped out and I left and went on to my journey.  It still was producing lite showers off and on, but it really didn't matter.  When I got there the shop was empty..Sigh...Nice the tiny shop all to myself..Usually it's very busy and so full it gets a little bit scary.. In fear of breaking something by accident..I had a lovely visit so many lovely pretty things to look at... Well, of course..I just couldn't help myself...I thought it was so adorable...It's from Gracie's so I'm hoping I can locate some cups and saucers to match..

I just love the tiny roses all over it..and I like the top area where i has the black with roses drapping down..

Isn't she just sweet, I can't wait to get home and wash her all up and get her ready for some hot water and tea. I do have some plain off white tea cups with like a lacy effect on them. they might go well with her.. This weekend I'm hoping to make some cream scones. It's on my list...well it has been actually for some time now. .
Besides my tea pot that I found, I also found two lovely is so dreamy..

It's very animated inside and I just personally love it, It was originally $25.00 dollars and I got it for $8.00.  the pages are beautifully designed. I think if I wrote a cookbook it would be the way I would like it to look.

 There are so many recipes...I'm going to try them then I will let you know......
A red cake recipe and frosting.......I'm in love with this book it was written by, Roxie Kelley and the Illustrations by Shelly Reeves Smith..

The other book that I got is a little bit different
but it's very nice as well..

Written by... Catherine Calvert Photographs by Keith Scoott Morton

How about some Cream Roses.................

 I don't know if I could accomplish this, but I would like to give it a try..they look so pretty and dreamy...
It has many recipes, a few table settings and a lot of photos with menu's..

 I also purchased some doilies, ..

 This is just a little hot pad / pot holder in cream and green...I'm hoping to copy it..

I got two of these, they are very sweet...I have to hand wash them all when I get home carefully...

Pretty pretty.....
Look at this, it's amazing...I can't figured how they did the flowers in the middle...the middle is like a criss cross...

Just amazing pretty !!!
My last big doily that I found, I been wanting to learn how to make Pansy's they are one of my favorite flowers... I think I can follow this doily and make some...

The full doily, like a star fish...

I got two but the middle of one is broken and I'm also hoping to be able to mend it..Praying more like it...
I also had a smaller one but I think we dropped it inside the store. So I have to give a call and see...

A small little sweet, the same design on both sides...

This piece opens up to four corners with other little embroided flowers in blue..and some purple grapes on the opposite ends..

 I also purchased this sweet rose tea bag holder..( he he he I had a blast) shhhhh don't tell anyone..

 and a bunch of little ones to use on the shelves ... I had a most enchanting day...Wishing You a most lovely day I hope you enjoyed your visit with me...Happy Friday and Happy back soon......!!!

                                                          with love....................Janice


  1. Janice,
    You brought so many goodies home. I really love the tea pot with all the pink roses around it. The doilie with the roses in the middle is beautiful. I've never seen anything like that before. Oh, I just love that tea book and would enjoy reading it myself. Tea time is such a peaceful time for me. Thank you for showing us all of your treasures. It's always nice to browse through the things you love.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Beautiful finds! Love the teapot!!! So pretty. Good for you- to find some time to enjoy the things you love. So much fun when you find things that make your heart happy. Have a wonderful weekend enjoying the pretty things you found.

  3. What beautiful things you found. I would like to visit your little tea shop....sounds wonderful. Enjoy your things....blessings

  4. Oh my goodness what a gorgeous haul. Love it all,lucky you Enjoy xx

  5. What delightful treasures! The tea pot is gorgeous and I LOVE the doilies!

    Hugs to you,

  6. Your teapot is so pretty, Janice! I love Gracie china. You found some great books too. Love the illustrations in the first one!

  7. Your teapot is so very pretty. You have a lovely collection and I think I love them all. Also love the pansy doily.

  8. Thank you ladies, I'm very pleased with what I got...Hoping to make that pansy doily soon..a new challange ..