Friday, April 26, 2013

All this for 20 bucks...

Isn't this just lovely Moss Ross Tea Pot...A Cream & Sugar..with Six lovely Cups and saucers...All for just $20.00 I can't wait to receive it all... I'm buying it from a terrific long time friend. Shelley. I first met her on Myspace years ago...Wow it's been I'm sure more than 10 years ago now..A very sweet Lady with a great warm sweet heart...I'm very proud to be her friend. Wish I lived closer so we could have a tea party together. We have never met in person but somehow it's almost as if we have...

And these for $16.00. Pretty little Moss Rose salad sweet they are...I'm very excited about them..I think It's a good start for a collection don't you and such a great price...
 I'm sure I can find some other pieces to go with these..I think It will set a lovely dinning table...
Well I haven't been doing to much my knee is bothering me a lot. so the Garden is full of fallin leaves from the wind blowing the past days..but as you seen last post my Garden is going well.. I been working on my doilies been home a lot... I have met a new man a while ago. . Haven't said anything because I had such a bad experience with Jessie.. We have been talking for a while now and he is close to home..and I believe will be coming to visit for the first time next week if everything goes well... Cross your fingers.

His name is Edward.........I'm hoping this goes well... so with all that said I wish you all a most lovely weekend... be back soon..though I'm not sure when...~blessings~ with love Janice


  1. Janice,
    Your tea set is very pretty. Sometimes people come into our lives and we just meet them, and it is as if we've known them our whole life. It sounds like you feel this way about your friend. I hope all goes well for you and the new man in your life. You must keep us updated.

    Have a fun weekend,


  2. Janice, I had no idea you were going through something similar. Bless your heart, as my grandma used to say. I think you have it worse because at least I have hired helpers for the mornings. You poor thing. I know what you mean about the aches and pains, my knees are about shot and I'm pretty sure I have had arthritis for quite a while. I don't know how you do it, but my hat is off to you my friend. You are amazing and a perfect example of how a kind, caring, giving person lives her life. I am sure that what you put out there comes back to you, so you should have many wonderful things happen to you, and your rewards will be many! I'm so proud of you! Good luck with Edward, I hope he is good enough for you! I absolutely LOVE your tea set and little plates. How beautiful, and what a bargain!!!!

  3. Hello Janice,
    I am late to the party as I was away from home last week. I am happy to visit you today and to see your tea post.
    This is indeed a great buy! It is a good start on a lovely collection.
    I am sorry about your previous difficulties. I am wishing you the very best with your new flame.

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  5. Such lovely tea set; and at such great price too. Lucky you! Be happy, embrace life, be just you!