Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just a few photos...

Helo my sweet friends, I just came by to visit Mom this morning. The weather went to foggy and ugly today...we had a few sunny days which was nice...I just thought to post a few photos of my I call granny dishes and my dinning room table..
 These are my favorite favorite dishes...I been collecting them for ever...The only thing that I don't have is a sugar bowl. I have two creamers...
I set my Dinning Rm table with the granny dishes and green depression glass and blue...
Love it...well not much going on..I still have this rash all over me. Going today to make an appointment with the dermatologist dr. said I needed to go.. Hopefully he can figure out whats going on with me...I'm going crazy,...I wake up itching in the middle of the nite..
JUst yukie....
well I'm off to chill with mom ... we are just waiting for Vee to is so ready. She is going to the dr's today. so we will see what the dr. has to say..
well have a blessed day my sweet friends...with love Janice


  1. Hope you find the sugar bowl for your pretty dish set.I love your blue and white dishes too.


  2. Love your dishes with the little flowers on them. take care, Darlene