Thursday, November 15, 2012

Feeling blue today........

Just hanging out at Mom's, I got up and came over around 9am...I had a horrible nite itching...And Vee woke me up out of a dead sleep cause she was so tired and told me that she couldn't feed the baby anymore. She couldn't do the breast feeding business it was to painful...Well of course I was disappointed, but it's her child rite...And there have been some other issues with me...but I rather not go into details, But I made a couple of poor choices and I'm not to happy about them...So I came to Mom's to think about all the above and clear my head..
It's something I need to do right now, Believe Hope and Wish......I feel lost today.... for some silly reason..
Maybe I'm just tired out....

Then I think that maybe I expect to much of others ..

Well just going to trust in the Lord to see me through this..

Much prayer is needed 

Wishing you a fabulous day today
with love 


  1. emotions running high now, give yourself some time..You've had a life changing event. Beautiful picture on the post.

  2. Life gets overwhelming at times,but God is faithful and he never leaves us...sending up a prayer for you Janice

  3. Dearest Janice, I just read your blog this morning and I am just touched and feel the need to keep you in my prayers this Thanksgiving season. I have been through some really difficult times myself that just didn't make sense to me at the time. Hang in there, trust, and try to be kind to yourself right now. Hugs to you. It's good that you could just write this down on your blog post. God uses the internet in such wonderful ways...holding you up now in prayers.
    Much love,

  4. Just know you are in my prayers.........give it all to God dear friend.