Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Good Afternoon, A new Hammered Tray...and Tea

I love sunny afternoons and mornings in my Kitchen window, I love all my blue glass. Last week on Friday, Me and Mom went to the Good will and I found some wonderful things, One was this pretty hammered round tray.
It reminds me of my great aunt Vera, she had this hammered candy dish that sat on her coffee table in the living room, I must have been like five or so...but it stuck in my mind.
The handles are lovely with swirls I just love them. It also has a flower on the inside that goes around the tray...
Such pretty engraved flowers all the way around...I couldn't get a good enough picture...So well last night I set up my tray for morning Tea so when I woke up I found my pretty tray with my little blue Tea Pot and my new 1926 Tea Cup...
I just love it and was so glad to have found it...exciting to me...
I also found a mosaic piece a large bowl...I just love it it was only four bucks...
My tiny little pitcher, It's from Holland...I have a few little pieces that I like so I will be adding this to my collection...
Thank you for joining me for Tea, wishing you a wonderful afternoon.... I'm off to the doctors...with Vee for her check up.....with love Janice....hugs


  1. I have some hammered aluminum trays from the l950's and I love them - your is delightful and thank you for linking!

  2. Such wonderful your sweet tea setting...blessings

  3. A perfect tray for tea! And I adore the little blue and white pitcher