Friday, January 13, 2012

Planning for Valentines Tea Party

Well good morning, it's a early morning 3:30 a.m.,I couldn't sleep anymore. My brain is working away for the planning of the Tea Party for Valentine's Day. Yesterday at Safeway they had the cutest Valentine Socks and I thought these would be a great favor wrapped with a piece of candy and a pretty ribbon. So I purchased the socks and bought two bags of candy...I just need to buy the ribbon and some small socks for the little girls. Then I must of kept thinking of this Red Tea pot at the Tea shop... So I think I'm going to buy it if I have enough money left. I have some white cups and saucers it will be nice together...So I will have to see. My sister was here yesterday and the day before she came down. We spent some time together. It was nice I like having my sister around...we went to get our toes done yesterday it was nice. I sure hope she moves back home....

Here is a picture of the one Tea Cup I bought the other day at the Tea Shop, I love the roses they are so pretty....I like the fact that it's a larger cup. I thought it to be unusual. Some tea cups are very small in size. Well what are you plans for the weekend...? Idk what I'm going to be doing sister is suppose to come back tonite cause she is going some where to watch the 49 er game on Saturday...So she will spend the nite with me. I'm thinking if it's nice I will do some more in the garden. Mom said we are suppose to get some rain. I would like to clean up some more before that happens. I also want to plant some seeds in some pots for spring.. My house is clean except my room. I need to work on that. I need to dust. but other than that everything else is done.. So I think that's all for today...wishing you a great Friday and a lovely weekend full of love with blessings....Janice


  1. Love the cup & saucer.... So-o-o-o pretty!!
    I want to go shopping tomorrow but it is only to get into the teens & it will really be too cold!! Maybe the next Saturday....
    Have a Great Day!

  2. Valentine's design socks and candy would make a lovely gift. The teacup and saucer are so pretty.

  3. I love your Valentine's Tea Party share photo's. The socks and the candy sound like a prefect Valentine's pressie.
    Have a lovely visit with your sister and have a nice time out in the garden (what type of seeds will you be planting?). I can't wait to get started on my seeds, have to still wait a little longer though.

  4. What a pretty teacup!! Glad you had a good day with your sister!

  5. Thank you ....I'm being busy planning things making the menu and all...

  6. Oh, your little Valentine with the red umbrella is so sweet. Isn't Valentine's Day a lovely holiday?
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley