Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday chatter...

 🌿🌷🌸🌺Good evening dearests,  I'm at mamas again...  I have some things to attend to.  Like gathering up all the old paint cans and chemicals to have the recology garbage people pick it up...  Mama held on to everything and sometimes we laugh because she wasn't a big cleaner upper and theres tons of it...  Anyhow I hope you are all well...  I'm feeling fine a little bit of aches and pains but the most of me feels good.  I'm so happy about my new church it makes me feel wonderful...  So another anyhow, remember this teapot...  Well. i just found the original teacups to it last week and they arrived yesterday in the mail...  And O they are just just so pretty...
     And a few months ago I found the square plates...  The aqua is so beautiful and the flowers..
     I seemed to be finding this pattern more than the other, which is the reverse the trim being aqua...
        But just the same I love them both...

     I just love these flowers I just can't help it...  It just makes me feel so good...
         The aqua is not as strong as the teacups and plates on the teapot...   But the flowers sure are...

           The gravy boat...  I know I have shown this and the teapot before but I'm just so excitied I found four teacups and saucers in mint condition and not to expensive at that....  Like the square plates they are like they never were used ever...  And this pattern is so hard to find...  I just been fortunate...

               O and I also made Fig and Rosemary Focaccia yesterday....
     The Figs and Rosemary are from the garden...  The fig tree resides to the right in the neighbors garden but they let it grow over into my garden this year I was so excited because it was easy to pick them...
     So lovely it turned out...  Crispy out on the edges and soft and warm inside..  My favorite time to eat it is when it comes out of the oven.. The best ever..  This was a one bowl recipe that made one large pan...   This is my new vintage cake keeper...  I put the focaccia inside ...  It is a tad bangged up but I don't mind I barely paid anything for it...   I just love it...

            So yummmy....  I will share the recipe with you soon, I think you will like it too..  I love focaccia I have been eating it since I was a little girl...  We used to have a Italian store about two blocks from our house called DeRosa's grocery...ran by Marty and his wife.. The most loving man and lady ever..  When I started school he would let all us kids use the bathroom when ever needed sometimes he would give us free candy...  But mama always would buy fresh focassia and fresh lunch meats and french bread and they don't even have those hard rolls anymore..  It was tomato focassia he would have piles of it on the counter...  And he had a big candy area too..  It was a small corner store with two steps in front and you entered in at a corner angle .. .  Then they retired when I was much older and A Arabic man named Ramsey took over but he never changed a thing and he was just as wonderful loving as Mart and his wife...  Then when I was way older I think and adult he moved away and the place was sold and it is now a beauty salon..  Go figure..  Memories..  All this chatter...  So this morning before I left me and my grandson Isaiah had focassia and he had homemade lemonade and I had tea in my new pretty teacup...

     I hope I didn't chew your ear off with all this chattering..  But I do hope you enjoyed your visit..  Wish we could have tea together..  Wishing you a lovely evening and a lovely Thursday...🌿🌺🌸🌷
                            🌿🌺🌸🌷With love, Janice🌷🌸🌺🌿


  1. I just love this pattern. I know you enjoy the hunt! The colors are so pretty . You probably told us the name of the pattern before, but I have forgotten.
    Your baking always amazes me.

  2. The square plate is charming. I love the aqua colour too ♥

  3. I love the beautiful aqua and pattern of this set. Glad to hear you are happy with your new church, always a comfort. Take care.

  4. You truly do have the most beautiful china, Janice. I love the pattern and the colour; such a lovely aqua colour. That Focaccia looks utterly delicious!!

  5. Dear Janice:
    I enjoyed your chatter and your lovely china pieces. Your Focaccia looks wonderful!

  6. I told you before I loved that teaset and the square plate is wonderful addition. The focaccia looks delicious, must have been nice eating together with your grandson.

  7. I have just been many teapots do you have? ;-)

  8. Isn't it fun to start out with a piece of china and then find more and more pieces of the same pattern! Yours is beautiful!

  9. Dear Janice:
    I was thinking I imagine others are wondering the same as me and that is - will you be moving into your Mom's house in the future. Pardon me if I am too nosey but have picked up on some things are have said. Just curious!

  10. The aqua and the pattern of this tea set are such beautiful, romantic and dreamy. You always show us treasures
    Hugs Alessandra

  11. Oh Janice,
    This tea set is gorgeous. Is it Johnson Brothers? I love that teapot! Such a dear shape and the colour is my favourite too. It's such fun to find matching pieces. You really have a treasure there dear Janice. Your baking looks amazing too. Blessings, Karen

  12. How nice that you now have the teacups to match your pretty teapot. They are such a pretty pattern. Every time I stop by here you have received some new china in the mail ;)

  13. Oh what beauty...I love that square plate and the aqua color is gorgeous!
    I love focaccia bread and yours looks delightful.
    So nice to find a church that you are happy and blessed in.
    I enjoyed your lovely post at the Black Bear Inn as well. What a meal. :)

    Have a beautiful day~~

  14. I'm smitten with your new teacups! Aqua is one of my favourite colours.
    I'm a fan of some of Celestial Seasonings' holiday teas such as Candy Cane Lane. The 4-year-old who participated in the Taiwanese Traditional Ceremony was sooooo cute! I later found out that the 4-year-old's parents knew my friend's in-laws. What a small world!