Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...

     Just going to share a bunch of things with you this evening...  It is late here like 10:15pm..  So you will probably read this in the morning or maybe Friday because tomorrow is Thanksgiving..  So let me say Happy Thanksgiving to you all and your families and tell you I'm grateful for everyone of you my friends and readers followers ...  This is a random blanket that I started I haven't  a pattern at all just fooling around...  So we will see where it goes..   I'm still cleaning the living room but it is in between cleaning in the dinning room the hall way which is almost done wipe down all the photos on the walls wiped, all the baseboards.  Just need to clean the little table and lift the runner and sweep and mop then vacuum the runner.  The living rm is part done.  The big shelve took a lot of time to wipe down all the videos then each shelf.  
     Lots and lots of videos....   I switched some things around and put aqua colored things 
     I put my owl at the top...
     The little brass figurines I found on dads truck years ago, and I have loved them ever since...
    I love the elephant and the bird then there's two small birds...
     And a big leaf I suppose it was maybe a ash tray or for candy I don't really know...

     I love birds....
     I have a set of Bambi book ends I bought like ten years ago at a little antique shop here in San Francisco...  They are gone now..  At one point there were quite a few in a known area here but they all up and left except one...which I have't been in for years..
     This crystal candle holder is new I found it recently thrifting...  I liked it a lot plus it had the roses wrapped around which made it even prettier..  I had the little aqua candle just waiting to go inside... Its all clean now the large oak shelf...  
     All the pretty boxes are on the right crochet threads and yarns and embroidery things knitting needles pieces of materials...  The little ones are videos  there aren't any closets accept one and we use half for the towels and linens...  And then my daughter uses the other side she only has shelves in her rm. no hanging closet..  I moved the other larger magazine ones on to one side of the shelving bottom they fit fine.  I used to have them on the bench..  Anyways its all clean.. 
     I cleaned this area too removed it all cleaned it all down wiped the baseboards mopped wiped down the painting and the little shelf, climbing all over the place..  Cleaning the cobwebs...  

I recently got this tin from instagram from a sweet lady..  It looks much preetier in person...
              I cleaned all this as well...  
     This is a tiny on cup teapot but its not really big..  But so pretty...
     You all know I'm a big fan of roses anything roses...  

                  I love my angels...  I have several in the living room...

     I have more to share but this is already long enough...  I really just to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone ...  I hope you have a wonderful time with your families...  
                  🍂💞🍁💙🌷God bless us all with love Janice🌷💙🍁💞🍂


  1. You have been busy, it must have taken a lot of time cleaning everything off. You are certainly blessed with some beautiful things. I love roses too and collect the Royal Albert Country Roses, which I see you also have. Happy Thanksgiving, we don't actually celebrate here in the UK.

    1. Yes I have been busy... I kept putting it off but it was time.. I love Royal Albert too.. I have many pieces of it and some of the Country roses.. Hugs my dear

  2. It looks so pretty there. I love the bookcase. I really need to give our living room a good much to dust! I keep putting it off. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

    1. Thank you Henny... It has takin a lot of time just that huge book case and all those videos but its finally done and I'm glad and it feels clean.. I hope you have a wonderful day Hugs

  3. Big bookcases do take a lot of time to really clean well. I have one in my bedroom that is full of books. You have such pretty things in your home ... it all looks so romantic ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving Janice.

    1. Thank you Dear Wendy... Happy Thanksgiving❤️

  4. Your living room is very romantic. I love the victorian style of your cozy home. Everything is so pretty and i especially love your angels
    Hugs Alessandra

  5. Pretty! Lovely crochet blanket! Beautiful and so many things loved.

  6. Isn't it nice when things are all clean and orderly. Such a big job when there are multiple things to be moved around so that cleaning can really begin. But such a wonderful feeling-----"whew! Thank goodness that is all taken care of and I don't have to think about it or dread it any longer!"

    Take some time to just sit around and look and admire it before the dust begins to settle yet again..

  7. Everything looks lovely, my friend. Your lace curtains on the door are oh-so-pretty! And I always enjoy seeing your china.

    Have a blessed weekend. Hugs to you!

  8. Hello Janice,

    Just stopping by to say hello. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. You are doing a fantastic job organizing it all. Love the way you display all your pretty china.



    1. Thank you Janet hope your Thanksgiving was lovely hugs