Friday, September 23, 2016

It's Fall yay...

     I don't know about you but I love Fall....  and yesterday was it's official arrival...  I woke up this morning loving the wonderful feeling of fall...  Feeling good with a positive attitude...  Even though my living room is in a state...  The shelf started coming off the wall, which I think I mentioned but I haven't been able to put it back.  It is just too hard these days doing it alone so I'm patiently awaiting for someone to help me.  Everyone is busy..  But anyways I told myself this morning everythings on hold..  I'm going to make tea...  In a lovely pot with a pretty teaset...  
     By now you should know my cabbage teapot, which I love, I use it a lot..  And it truly warms my heart and my thoughts...  So as I was sitting in the living room with my couch pushed away from the wall and a ton of things on the coffee table and most everywhere from the shelve...  I thought I haven't used my little new cottage teaset..  
     I think I'm in love with this set like the teapot...  It gives me a warm cozy feeling..  And fullfills a small little dream of having this little cozy cottage ...  And I can melt away even if it's for a few moments..  I believe for those of us who can't have certain things, I think we should still dream a little..
     The cottage scene is the loveliest...  Quaint little cottage with sweet garden flowers all about...  It makes Fall somehow feel even cozier...  
     Then I decided to use the large sugar bowl to put some plum tarte in...  I don't use sugar much these days..  .  So it worked perfect...

     It has that same sweet scene as the teacup set...

     Teatime is feeling so special this morning... Everyone is off out the door and it's just me and my tiny sweetpea chi...  Curled  up on the couch that is pushed out into the middle of the room. Surrounded by lovely things...  
     Tea is tasting so good and it is nothing fancy just some plain ole Lipton,,  with a pinch of sugar...  Wouldn't you agree, pretty teacups make it taste all the better...
     And the plum tarte is tasting especially well in the sugar bowl...   He he ... 
     What more could a girl ask for...  Thank you dear God for this special moment...  Make your own special moments.  It is important to have something special to yourself ladies...  

     Wishing you a special moment ..  May your day be bright and cheery ....  
                           With love, Janice .  ... . . 
Joining Bernideen's tea in the garden Party @
                 Come along it's a beautiful day...


  1. How darling Janice - love love the post!

  2. Hi Janice
    Your post is indeed darling as Bernideen said. I love the white cottage teapot with the cottage teacup and sugar bowl. So pretty
    and cozy. Yes. We must thank God for
    our precious quiet tea times. Blessings sweet friend. Karen

  3. I can just see you in my mind's eye sipping your sweetpea chi in that lovely tea cup. Gorgeous teapot and that tart sounds delicious. Have the most wonderful day, lovely Janice.


  4. What a lovely post sweet friend. I love that teapot and teacup and sugar bowl. Atta girl, I love to pamper myself when I'm alone too.
    Have a lovely Fall weekend. Thanks for your sweet visit, you made my day !

  5. I too, love the cottage setting tea cup! It is so tranquil and lovely! :)

  6. Everything looks wonderful, Janice! You have a Master's artistic touch! Susan

  7. I like how you make tea an event!

    If I had a tea company I would send you boxes and boxes so I could have my tea in your posts like these. Someone should do that!

    Lovely teacups, by the way. Amazing paintings.

  8. I adore fall! Your teapot and your cottage teacup are very nice and romantic. YOur teatime is very awesome
    Hugs ALessandra

  9. No matter what time of day I read your blog, I always start craving a cup of tea. You have the ability to make tea look like the answer to everything!

  10. Such a beautiful and charming post, sweet Janice. How I would love to enjoy a real tea time with you {{smiles}}

    Happy Fall, dear one. Hugs!

  11. After seeing your comment at Rivercrest Cottage, I decided to visit. Your place is simply beautiful and I want to see more. I love the tea pot and the beautiful teacup!

  12. Happy Fall to you! Love your teacups ♥

  13. Love the fall weather that has finally hit PA! Such beautiful photographs!

  14. What a beautiful cottage and as such a wonderful dream. I too would love to live in a cottage like that.

  15. Oh, I love your cottage tea set, Janice. I've never seen one quite like it before. Such a sweet cottage on the front of the cup. And that plum tart looks amazing. You are such a grateful person who appreciates the little things in life. I'm honored to know such a lovely woman.